The Big Three: If we had to lose one who should go??

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Sep 14, 2007
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I dont know if a thread like this has been mad and if so my apologies for making a new one. I was thinking about all the stuff that will soon be going down in final crisis and the rumored loss of one of the big three. The concept of one of the Big Three (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) actually dying is always thrown about every so often. However we know that DC would never actually kill any of these characters off permanently because the fans would go into uproar no matter who was chosen. However i would like to put up to debate that if one of these heroes had to be killed off to possibly never return would do you think it should be. Im sure there are many varying view points on the topic...

supes should go, he doesn't stand for anything anymore...
I remember back at the start of OYL when Donna Troy was in the Wonder Woman costume and thought that was a pretty good idea and if they didn't put Diana back in the costume, I probably wouldn't mind. So, I guess her.
I'm going with Wonder Woman, based solely on the fact that she's not my favorite female hero, and I wouldn't much more than shrug if she got killed off.
Is it any question? You can still have World's Finest w/out WW.
Batman seeing as he's just a man and not likely to live virtually forever like Supes or Wonder Woman.
killing off batman on the basis that he is just a regular man is kinda taking the easy way out i think...i mean just cause he will eventually die doesnt mean he should be killed prematurley...i mean we are all gonna die sometime that does not mean that a life should be taken early.....secondly out of curiousity has it been said anywhere that wonder woman can or will live longer than batman i mean she is not a goddess or anything right? doesnt she age at the normal human rate?
Well, she was a goddess, but, yeah, she's an Amazon. They are immortal.

As far as Batman, come on. If he's gonna die, it's gonna be violently. It just seems right. Whether in some last battle with the Joker, or by some young punk in an alley who got lucky, the Bat should die as he lived.
Batman has spent most of his Superhero career training younger people to continue on his war, either under their own name - or under his when he dies. The legacy is already set, it's in place and it would be a natural story for him to die and pass it on.

I see no reason, especially with the "urban legend" side of Batman for him to only be Bruce Wayne.

Why is Wonder Woman the only one in italics?

Because you voted for her?
I remember back at the start of OYL when Donna Troy was in the Wonder Woman costume and thought that was a pretty good idea and if they didn't put Diana back in the costume, I probably wouldn't mind. So, I guess her.

Casual fans also wouldnt know the difference between Donna and Diana anyway so you wouldnt really need to sell potential new fans on someone else being in the role.
What do you mean, go? Go as in he/she passes the mantle to sombody else or go as in: No more Superman! No more Wonder Woman!

I believe ou t of the three, ironically, Superman is the only one who could GO go because with the death of Conner, there's nobody to pick up after him. Plus he already died once, in a big public way, so if he dies again, he better stay dead. It's better we see him die now while he is still a symbol, in stead of waiting till NOBODY is interested in Superman any more.

As far as passing the mantle goes, the best suited for that one is obviously Batman.
you could take it either way...although i meant more along the lines of death
The only way they could possibly make Wonder Woman as interesting to me as Bats or Supes are is if they had her beating up supervillains whilst she's nekkid.

Shallow and childish, I know - but what the hey.................
Batman. By a punk in the street with a gun, just like his parents died. Perfect symmetry.
And you sound like you don't. BAM!

Wonder Woman - Too easy, because she's the least popular. Killing her off, the woman whom DC has tried to make relevant and cared about for years, would be admitting defeat, and thus, pretty tasteless.

Batman - Can be done to the most dramatic effect, because it's a very human character often surrounded by, and forged in, death. Unfortunately, Batman Bruce Wayne is THE character for DC Comics, thematically, merchandise-wise and all around, he makes the Universe interesting. He can't be replaced as such.

Superman - DC's icon/flagship has been lagging for quite a while. As the world becomes more cynical, materialistic and individualist, the reverence for truth, justice and the American Way doesn't resonate much. But it's still respect, just cuz he's the original.

But what if he died. I'm not talking about a stunt to boost popularity, I'm talking about cashing in the Superman chips indefinitely, just like the Captain America chips.

And then Johns will finally get his wish of Hal being in the "big 3."

Of course, we saw several glimpses of the future that featured Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman... this would contradict that quite a bit. We know that Superman and WW outlive Batman. Wonder Woman gets married. Hal get's married. They're all still alive. Together.
Wait, you don't really believe Steve Rogers is permanently dead, do you? :huh:
No, not really... but it'd be nice if they left him dead for 10 or 15 years.

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