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Jul 20, 2002
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so, I'm sure alot of you got BOP 56 for curiosity. i know i did.

I loved it. the art is awesome. the story was great....

What do you think?
Why hasn't anyone replied to this topic? It thought Birds Of Prey was a popular series.

C'mon someone must have some views on it. I'm curious about the title especially with Gail on writing chores. I've just read the first part of "Hush" and I immediately liked Oracle. Is this book worth looking into?
Oracle kicks ass. Black Canary's almost as snarky and entertaining as Green Arrow. Great combination. Plus, Ed Benes draws some nice-lookin' ladies. :)
Great series, I definitely recommend it.

Gail is doing a good job so far, and that art is great. Nice blend of suspense and humor.

I like the Oracle too, she's a great character... a while ago Wizard ranked her as the best female comic book character.
I always liked the BoP comics, but for a while the storylines were getting really boring. But now with Gail Simone and Ed Benes the storylines and artwork are great. Finally!! Now all DC has to do is apply the same creative to the Robin comics because they have been getting worse and worse since Chuck Dixon left.
Bill Willingham (creator and writer of Fables) is taking over Robin soon. Don't know exactly when.
Originally posted by Lackey
Bill Willingham (creator and writer of Fables) is taking over Robin soon. Don't know exactly when.

Great! I have heard alot of good things about the Fables writer (I never read an issue), so maybe the Robin comics will get restored to their former greatness. Let the countdown begin...

Fables is really good, get the first TPB and then try to not buy the 2nd one! I bet you don't manage it :D
I just bought Gail's first 2 issues.

AWESOME stuff!

I really dig the Huntress although her costume sucks ass.

And Benes' artwork is a little too much cheescake. But overall, I think I dig it even more than J Scott Campbell(who I think he emulates a bit here).

Anyways, great book!

Awesome book!
Originally posted by MasterBates
I really dig the Huntress although her costume sucks ass.

I like the Huntress costume, but either way... you have Jim Lee to blame for that.
I know.

It just seemed to be a bit too much. I like Dinah's costume for instance, because it works well with the character, as well as always having fishnets for most of her history.

Huntress got shot by The Joker right in her stomach. So it doesn't make sense to me for her to have her belly showing. As well as the daisy dukes she is wearing. The character has never been like that.

But still, good story, and good art.
What issue did Huntress get shot in? I missed that one.
i picked up 58 and i thought it was pretty cool. The art was cool and the writing was ok. Ill see how the story arc goes and from what ive read i might put it on my list of titles. Is the story only centred around these 3 girl heros?
"What issue did Huntress get shot in? I missed that one."

Not exact on the issu enumber, woul dhave to look it up.

But it was a part of "No Man's Land."

Awesome story if you can get your hands on it.
I wish Ed Benes was back on Birds of Prey.

Benes was the main reason I started picking up the book. Its a good read even without Benes. Benes just makes you appreciate the book more.
I've been enjoying Siquera's work. His art's a little stuff but overall pretty good.
It's true. Nothing puts a spring in my step like a good, solid dose of stiff stuff.
No wonder you're so popular in the blue-light district.

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