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The Dark Knight Returns Figures

I do not have them...but I hear that folk really like them
My uncle has superman from that line and he looks amzing imo
I have the set, got them when they first came out (60 bucks, my buddy owned a LCS) I like them I think they look pretty good. Faithfully done. Mine are all MOC though so I can't tell you about the play value to them.
You can get the set REALLY REALLY cheap at cons or ebay now too.
It"s A Girl!!!!!!!!!! Omg!

Havent you read Dark Knight Returns? (You really should). And its not a bad thing that Robin is a girl. I think Robin in the Dark Knight Returns is one of the best Robins.
I have Batman, I'm thinking of tracking down Superman to customize the Batman I have, not a huge fan of Batman's "hunched" way he has to stand.

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