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The Dark Knight Revives




It was time for retirement. Batman had had enough. All the suit throughout the years. All the memories. All the enemies. He threw his recent suit in the dumpster. He got rid of all of his pictures of Robin and Batwing, and even pictures of his enemies. I mean, if you're 48, why would you continue? He had greyish hair and a growing mustache (Rough). He typed the code into his room:
Then, he walked down to Alfred's grave. Yes, Alfred had died. Joker killed him.

It was 2.45 am the next morning. He remembered he had just retired, so Bruce Wayne just stayed in bed. His new Butler, Harold, was 55. He looked identical to Alfred.

"May I suggest you to get into your suit, Master Bruce?"
"Um, I quitted my role as Batman, Harold."
"Really? How terrible."

Harold did actually sound concerned.

2.59 pm that afternoon.

"Jeez, I think I've got the--- *SNEEZE*--- Flu."
"Hmm, Master Bruce... Very strange. Oh, I just heard on the news that the Penguin set off a biological bomb at the Gotham Railway Service."
"Well, that explains it then."
"Why aren't you trying to save the day?"
"Harold, I've quit, remember? Nothing's dragging me into this $*&% again. I'm 48 years old. In two years, I'll be half-way through the one-hundred year lifeline. If anyone will save the day, GCPD will."

Next Week.
Bruce still has the flu, and Harold is, as usual, cleaning the bathroom. Ever since Bruce gave up, crime went up, along with death ratings.

One Year Later...
It was Bruce's 49th birthday. An explosion went of at the manor. The guests were all... stunned. Bruce just blended in with the crowd. It was Joker. He wanted Bruce's money. He got it, just because Bruce wanted a normal life... To not fight back... To be an ordinary person without ninja abilities.

One Year Later that Exact Day...
"Happy Birthday!"
"What's to be happy about? I'm only worth 1 million dollars. I've dropped from a billion to a million. I'm not even one of the world's richest people. This is all because I've tried to be non-individual. I can't take it anymore!"
"Here's the post... Bills... Bills... Tax... Bills... Oh no... You're not a million anymore... You're only 10 thousand."
"May I give you the suit?"

To be Continued...
SO he comes out of retirement to make a buck? Why not work at McDonalds, too much crime there?

If watching his mansion go up in flames didn't get him mad or the slaying of thousands with a dirty bomb didn't rally his ethical and moral sense of responsibility. Why would being a thousandaire catapult him into action, batman doesn't do what he does for cash?

Why does Harold look identical to Alfred? Is it his twin brother, or did he really die? It's just not necessary. I would make him very different.

You need a real personal conflict that moves the story forward. If he was that depressed about life and being 50, he would probably join a support group and roll his money in to in IRA.

Maybe, the psychological torment coupled with his age and beaten body could send him to the emergency room with a heart attack. He sees a boy alone in the waiting room lose his parents from a robbery gone bad, His life flash before his eyes and the realization that he could have done more haunts his last possible thoughts... He must return, he must fight to protect the weak and the innocent.

Good luck! :woot:

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