The DC Riddle thread


Feb 15, 2006
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This idea came from King Rulers marvel riddle thread. Pretty straight forward. Someone posts up a riddle describing a DC hero (or villain) and the everyone guesses who it is. Once they're confirmed as being correct, they can post the next one. Pretty simple. So don't screw this up. :)

People consider me to be a jerk.

Others say i'm misunderstood.

I say I just tell it like it is, I'm the best, and I always was.

I'm a warrior damnit! And the guys in charge picked me to pick up

the slack for you noobs! Cuz I'm numero uno baby.

Who am I?
Wow Fantastic Fan22 got it, o and if i didnt menton this before you can make more than one guess each post... Fantastic Fan22, your up.
hmm lemme try this out, this'll probably be an easy one but whatever

I've got a lot to live up to.

The one's who've come before said there's no way he can do it.

He's too young and reckless. Never thinking, always acting.

Well I'll show them.

When my time comes, I'll carry the torch, but until then, I've got a lot of work to do.
My story starts with Tragedy. I was a man of many accomplishments.

Everything I set out to do, I succeeded. Then, I lost someone dear.

I wanted to end it all after that, but a tale of a hero inspired me.

Inspired me to fight for whats right. Sure, Life's not fair, but I set out to

level the playing field. And I will succeed.
These are actually quite hard to write without making it blatantly obvious

I was a film star, but had to turn to robbing banks

I could walk right through them... But something went wrong,

Forced to hide behind a mask.

One look and you will be dead.

It's an Injustice, I tell you.

heeh thats a good one....but not good enough.

Johnny Sorrow.
Now let me get this point across, I have never been what

you would call a nice fellow. One might even call me a "Bad

guy". But, I was just being me. Call it the prerogative an

immortal. It's been a good life. I've stolen. I've murdered. I've

even saved a life here and there. For now, I'm inclined to stay

in my home, in my beautiful jewel of a city, and drink my tea in

the shadows.
wow, i really dont know this one...this is tough. CRAP, I JUST READ ABOUT HIM:D
I wish I didn't know them, these really arn't easy to write.

I'm the Emerald Warrior, the most prolific of all.

However, no-one ever suspects me.

Nobody ever seems to notice me, even when then are standing right next to me.

But I'm not hard to miss.

However, I'm not one to socialize.


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