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The Flip-switchin' Yin-Yang NYE 2003

Dr. Spoon...

Jan 14, 2002
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JUst a note. This was my NYE, it was so freakin' weird that I have to spread the story across the globe.
Also my vocabulary and story telling abilities are not the greatest so please excuse the not so fantastic word content of this tale. HERE WE GO!


The chiming sound of the chinese balls rang over and over again as I finished my lunch, it was not a calm consistant sound but rather a clumsy annoying chiming with no sense of rythm.

Austin sat next to me trying to rotate these two balls in his hands, two balls with Yin-Yang symbols on each side and a bell inside, they are suppose to relieve stress I hear. the goal is to not get them to touch while spinning them in one hand and to get a good clean flow going. It wasn't working.

"We gotta roll man."
I quickly finished my lunch, threw my shoes on, grabbed my bag and head straight for the door.
"Should I bring the Fez Hat?" I ask Austin.
"I think you have to bring the Fez hat Damian."
A few days ago I had broken up with my girlfriend, a few days before that she had bought me a Fez hat as of my request. Bless her heart.
Now I was all ready for NYE. MY bright white pimp jacket in my bag, my Fez hat and the pure energy flowing through me knowing that this would turn out to be a great NYE.

Leaving my home Austin and I catch a taxi to Austin's pad. We were suppose to get there to meet a certain individual who would supply the "party ingredients".

Arriving at Austin's we hang around there for a while, the deliviery comes so we await the arrival of our good friend Alex. All I knew of our plans were we were heading across the Harbour Bridge to the North side of Sydney and meeting up with some people there. Alex arrives and we start to gather our stuff for the long journey to North Sydney. In a small colourful box we have One-quarter ounce of marijuana, Three Microdots of cold-cut LSD, Three "four-leaf clover" ecstasy pills, a pair of scissors and a bong; this box is in the hands of Alex. We do not want to be stopped by cops.
I check the clock as we leave, it is 6:00PM.
"Are you ready to party mother ****ers?"
Austin pulls down his shades, Alex shakes what was refered to as "the box o' drugs".
"Oh yeah."

After a long and fullfilling train ride (the beautiful woman who we passed on our travels, ooooh) we arrive at the apartment building and are let upstairs. What followed as we were let in was a respectable upper-middle class apartment. You know, the ones with glass tables all over the house, art hung all over the walls and so on. One difference, the place was completely and utterly trashed. Beer bottles everywhere, dirty plates and glasses and just crap all over the floors. Most of the people were to match, way too trashed way too early; Jesus Christ the sun hasn't even gone down yet!
"I lost my pill, it's on the floor somebody get it." A strange man screams. Half his wish is fulfilled as he falls on the floor and stumbles around.
"I gotta get some condoms so I can go have some sex..." Straight for a room he heads and locks the door.
I'm starting to be intrigued by these people. Of course these are all Austin and Alex's friends and I know no one here, so they begin to introduce me.
There is Keith, the drunk bastard who was looking for his sex and drugs.
Ben... something, who was the quiet guy just wandering around.
Costa... HEY! I know him, the bald headed russian. Well at least that's one!
Tweety, oh my god Tweety. This woman is a godess, not only in body but just in spirit and soul, one of the nicest girls I have ever met. I am ashamed to be around her while she desperately tries to clean her house and is too nice to let me help.
Ben H. who I met once while he was busking, we had a nice long conversation. This man sounds, looks and plays music exactly like Kurt Cobain, he is a legend.
And a whole bunch of other people wandering and chatting.

We are hanging around there for a while as Austin, Costa and Alex have their first Microdots.
SMASH! Tiny pieces of glass shatter past my feet. I turn my head and look up and there is Keith Laughing his head off after just having broken a bottle over his head.
"Go clean yourself off man!" One of the party goers say.
Keith stumbles down the hallway to the bathroom with blood dripping down his face laughing.
"Why don't you guys go, I'll clean up and meet you down at the park?" Tweety states.
Tweety having changed outfits into something even more outrageously fantastic and revealing leads us and several others out of the apartment.


AT this point it was about 7:30ish... this was just part one, the night is nowhere near getting bizaree yet. Stay tuned for part 2...
Waiting near the lobby of the building the drugs start to kick in.

That is, the drugs start to kick in for the people who have taken drugs. Austin and Costa stare at some buildings in the distance as the buildings start to melt, twist and generally mess with their heads in an acid tripping sort of way.
Austin pulls out his "yin-yang" balls and starts to try spinning them again. He spins them succesfully, but they touch and clang.
"They can't touch Austin. You have to-- look."
Costa grabs the balls off Austin and shows him how it is done. Somewhere at this point they get distracted and start staring at the buildings again.
"How's your dot going Alex?" I ask.
He is sitting on the ground cross legged spinning his head around.
"Good man... Whoaaaa"
The thing about Alex is, when he is on drugs he likes to take in what happens and just flow with the experience. He is a very quiet guy when tripping.
I turn to Austin and he is wearing police tape around his head like a headband, it has the word "CAUTION" written on it.
"What the--?"
I got it off Dave man, it's my New Years resolution. He puts his finger to the headband.
I laugh.
"Hey Alex" Austin says.
"Excellent man."
At this point we decide to actually go to the park we were supposed to meet everyone at. We leave Dave and his friends and head out the building.
"It's ****ing Eminem man!"
Costa you damn tripper, there is no Eminem. Austin turns to where Costa is pointing and spots Eminem too.
"Holy **** man, it is!"
My curiosity gets the better of me and I turn after all the comotion is over. No Eminem.
"I swear he was on the phone, Costa saw it too."
"Yeah man, he's gone now, he was just there for us."
"Earing hair and all, he's working at the apartment building."
Once again we head off down to the park where we were going to meet the rest of them. As we walk the three drug men share each others experiences and strangely the energy seems to rub off on me. Things just start to become weird and I am seeing little connections in everything.
Funny how sometimes these things happen.

We get to the park and are walking down a trail to the play equipment, Austin stops us all and brings us back a step to where he is standing.
"Guys guys, look up. See there in those trees, Right there! It's a Yin & Yang."
He traces it out with his finger. Maybe he isn't just an acid tripper, well, I think that has something to do with it. But I can kind of make it out as well.
We get to the play equipment and wait around for a while.
At this point Austin and I decide to have half of our pills, so we do.
Another half hour or so and no sign of them. We call different people and still no results.
I am thinking there is too much screwing around and maybe we should just go to the city or something and just hang around with the huge crowds... better than with no one.
"Let's just go to Tweety's and see what is happening, better than sitting around."
We all agree and leave the park, that is one half hour or so thrown away.
"Oh man..."
Austin stops and kneels down on the grass.
"You alright Austin?" We ask.
He heaves up a big wet stinking white pile of puke. There goes his pill.
"**** man, uh God. Damo man, I think there might have been something in that pill."
Great! Fantastic! Grand! Terrific! All I have to do know is wait 5 or 10 minutes before I do the same.
We gather our things when Austin feels a little better and head to Tweety's place.
I get a call from our friend Brian (His real name is Alex, for the sake of the story we will call him: Brian, as there are 2 Alex's).
We have to meet him at the train station that is just up the road from where we are heading, so we decide to go there instead.

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