The Funny Pics Thread: The Triumphant Return!

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Lol, that's great. Watching the commercials for it made me think it was trying WAY too hard.

"Let me comb my hair the opposite direction, YOUNG DON DRAPER :awesome:"
I'd hang that mask on the wall. Instead of tribal masks, a room full of internet meme face masks.
They have a Me Gusta mask too :lmao:.
unsubscribes from this thread. just not getting the humor anymore

ah well
I don't find that funny at all. It looks like an actual issue. :dry:

For a second I thought it might be funny as a cover-up. The guy can just say to his girlfriend "Yeah, it was the adware!" 895 guys.
It'd be funny if the responder said something ironic or misleading, but he didn't, so it's not funny.
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