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The Hypesters to the Rescue


A God Named Sparkles?
Nov 19, 2006
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Just a little story/script I've made up, featuring Star Wars parodies, Aliens, lotsa stuff.

The SS. Chiron crew
Master Bruce ~ Captain
Climperoonie ~ Techie
Salacious VC ~ Foreign species Expert
Eddie Brock Jr. ~ Weapons Expert
The SS. Ajax crew
Dog Lips ~ Captain
Blacklight ~ Techie
Devon Farmer ~ Foreign species Expert
Syn (Mercenary) ~ Weapons Expert
The Resistance
Matt ~ Leader of the Resistance
Venom 160 ~ Matt's second in command
Feature ~ Predator Expert
Nowufacedoom ~ Scout
JinnSato ~ Main fighter​
Episode I - "Attack on the SS Ajax" trailer
The SS. Ajax. There is explosions and confusion everywhere. DOG LIPS stumbles over to DEVON FARMER.
DOG LIPS: Farmer!
DEVON FARMER: Captain Lips, sir!
DOG LIPS: What's happening here? Who's attacking our ship?!
DEVON: I'm not sure, it's some kind of alien species.
QUICK FLASH an Alien hissing.
DEVON: [Continued] All attempts to kill the six on board have been unsuccesful, it has some kind of acidic blood.
CUT TO Personnal shooting at an Alien. Blood splatters on a few and the acid starts to eat away at them.
CUT TO the ship plummeting toward a planet.
CUT TO the ship crashing.
CUT TO the SS Chiron. The communicator bleeps. Climperoonie looks at the message in shock.
MASTER BRUCE: What is it?
CLIMPEROONIE: The SS Ajax, sir, it's sent us a partial message saying that aliens have sabotaged their ship and they're crashing.
MASTER BRUCE: We've got to rescue them.
The HYPESTERS TO THE RESCUE Typeface appears.
QUICK FLASH A predator.

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