The "I Can Do It Better" TV Thread


Monkey Boy
Nov 23, 2005
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While watching TV I have had ideas how I would change or improve the show,
like How I Met Your Mother or Big Bang Theory. And I thought others might have
had similar ideas. This is like the comic threads called "How Would You Do It."

For example, on How I Met Your Mother I was thinking what they should have done
from the beginning was included the kids more. He is sitting there telling his kids
the story, story after story, and they are just sitting static in the same spot.

So I thought what they could have done was show the kids in different scenes and
scenarios. Like in the back yard, on the porch, while driving a car, at a hospital, etc.
And show them at different ages, ages more appropriate for the story, like if he is
telling a story about how Barny had sex then maybe the kids are adults. If he is telling
them a tamer story where he edits his story about pot to sandwiches then the kids
could be shown to be younger.
All this because my parents tell me stories about their past all the time, not in
chronological order or all at the same time. At different times in my life, and sometimes
their stories relate to whats going on in my own life. Like a job interview. So they may
tell me about their own experiences in a job interview.
So imagigne one episode the kids are teens on the couch, another they are adults sitting
around the dinner table, and another they are young children getting ready for trick or
treating. Etc. I also have ideas about the Big Bang Theory.

So if you have any ideas how you would improve the quality or plot of a TV series feel free to write about it here.
How I Met Your Mother Need to end Seriously they needed all this seasons to tell us how this Idiot met the mother of his childrens
Another example:
The Big Bang Theory
I wanted the show to expand on some of the characters they introduced and use them to help evolve the show and make them regulars (almost).
I wanted Stuart to be a regular on the show, he should remain friends with Raj like this.
Its great, a little tired of the Raj is sad and alone subplot. Also Stuart and Raj could
have put the musical tickets aside and taken Howard out for a victory dinner or something.

I also wanted the Lesbian Indian girl he was supposed to date to move in with
him and become his fake girlfriend for their parents and help him become
comfortable around woman.

and I wanted the dumb good looking guy to be a regular to add to the concept
of the show, a beautiful woman and a bunch of geeky guys. Sort of like how
Amy is a geeky girl, he could be a good looking guy friend. Expand on the idea
that everyone can be friends thing.

I also was hoping that Sheldon's assistant would become Raj's girlfriend, and
that Leonard was going to help that happen instead of being rude and pointing
out to this pretty girl who isn't his girlfriend how Raj has a serious problem like
he did. Like I said, I am a little tired of the whole Raj lives alone and is sad
because he has no girlfriend and never will. She wouldn't even have to be a
permanent regular like Bernadette, she could be around for a short time and
then they break up and she goes away like how boyfriends and girlfriends did
on Friends.

The show could keep expanding but keep the same idea going. Hey, with Stuart
they could even do a few things in the comic store besides them shopping, like
them hanging out in the back room. Raj helping put out the new comics. Maybe
show him drawing and working on hid art. Show a different type of genius.
Something more I guess.

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