the image comics thread

wildcats are wildstorm, which is now owned by DC
I have so many Image comics that I've picked up from 25 cent bins. Here's some cover pics of some Image issues that I have...


MAXX comics are sweet, some of the coolest stories ever told. Savage dragon doesn't have alot of substance but is certainly an entertaining read. GEn 13 is just a bunch of hot women, but I always found the actual stories to be peices of ****. Still it has a following

everything else you showed, well, kinda stunk

people mention image, everyone still thinks of the Image from 12 years ago. Image today is a VASTLY different company, still trying to outlive the stigma the founding years left it with
Yeah, I wouldn't have picked up some of those comics if they weren't 25 cents. But I probably would have paid full price for Cybernary. I like Cyberpunk stuff. The series has a William Gibson feel to it.
you have read Transmet, haven't you?
OMFG! it's THE cyberpunk comic!

ever see Fear and loathing in Las vegas? picture taht guy, hunter s thompson, set in the year 4000.
ok, image comics released a comic series between 97 and 2001. i don't remember the exact year. but one of the characters was called crackboy. or atleast in the wizard i looked at when i heard of it showed this guy that said his name was crackboy and his super power was to make a whole bag of crack disappear. i laughed my ass off when i first saw it. i no longer have this wizard and can't remember what the comic was called but i've been trying to find out. if anyone has any idea please let me know at [email protected]. i'm dying to find this thing.

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