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The Inaugural Hypothetical Question Poll: True Love or Vast Riches?


Dollar Store Diva
Jan 9, 2011
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Okay, so here's a grain of an idea that I have for polls based upon what decision you would make under certain scenarios that I've cooked up in my head.

Anyways this poll is about what you would choose of you had to choose only one of the following things:

Monetary Wealth, social status and posh living vs. having that just right Man/Woman of your dreams that you've been searching for.

So what would you choose?
Since no one is perfect I choose the wealth.
I would choose happiness, which is not on your list.
I would choose happiness, which is not on your list.

This is not a poll about what you want, it's a poll about what you would choose if only given the two choices I posted.

I've had that before and messed it up.

Aw, don't think that way! There's always more than one person who's just right for you.
Depends. Would I have to be poor with the woman of my dreams? Would I be forced to be single if I was wealthy?
Well, the question is pretty much cut and dried on what you would treasure the most in your life: Wealth or True Love?
Love can get boring after a while, at least you'll always have something to do with wealth.
Wealth for me, as even the most perfect relationship can easily flounder...
But it is unrealistic not to think that any relationship won't have its difficulties though. Even the most perfect matches have issues where you're arguing about something. It can't be sunshine and rainbows all the time. I'd rather be with a patient, supportive, understanding man than have all the money in the world. Money can't buy intangible things.
Money, gold, things to make me happy. Why? Well, why not? Seems the less heart breaking route. And I could have fun.
Yes, but with material wealth you are getting one lump sum and not an infinite supply of cash. With wealth will always come insincere company, including lovers, who will want to deplete your supply of cash. Maybe this poll is very telling of what kinds of associations one would cherish more socially as well. Very very interesting.
I would take the money even though I'm not that materialistic and couldn't care less about social status.

I don't have any ideas of a perfect woman. I'm not that specific.
But I'm not talking about anyone being perfect though. Where in my initial statement do you see the word perfect coming up at all? Stopping putting words in my processor here that I'm not using.

Anyways, I think I should list that if you choose money then you have to choose the negative as well, and that is people willing to spend your money and drain your coffers dry. If true love you have to accept that he/she is not perfect and that they do have moody days.
I voted love. Although I'm already set on that front. :) lol
They say money can't buy you happiness? Maybe so..

Love may or may not exist, but I know I'm very happy with my girlfriend. No money can give me what she does.

I'll be lying in a bed someday breathing my last breath. During those final moments, it won't matter how much money I had/made/have. Those final moments will be about the people I knew.

Money really means nothing. I don't want to be a person who figures that out at the very end when it's too late.
Money can't buy you love, but it can definitely rent it for you short term... ;)

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