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Donnie Darko

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Mar 21, 2003
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Hey everyone, it's that time of the year. We actually have to get out in the yard and work, and all of those home improvement projects we keep talking about REALLY need to get finished (or at least started). I'm hoping this is somewhere we can have an open discussion about different projects we are working on and/or ask for advice from other Hypesters.

Just mowed for the first time this year, and my dilemma is that my grass sucks. It's patchy and there are weeds scattered about. Does anyone have any ideas on a fairly low-cost solution to get my (fairly small) lawn looking better? Lowe's has Scott's seed/fertilizer on sale right now. I'm thinking that and some line ought to at least be a good start. Anyone ever had any luck with that?

My lawn is not the worst in the neighborhood, but I want to make sure it doesn't get to that point. I honestly don't know how the HOA didn't get after a couple houses last summer. Anyway, my wife and I just bought this house last summer (our first, both still in our 20s), and I want to keep it looking good for us.
Currently my lawn is buried under snow. But I suppose I could make snow angels or something like that to add a little zest.
You know, my 9 year old self would kick me in the nards if he knew how much I hate snow now.
I hope the winter will end soon. I'm so tired of all the snow. Want to start working in the garden.
Luckily, I live in North Carolina and spring is starting to show up.
We had the last snowfall yesterday here in Germany. I hope it was finally the last but it's still very cold.
Home Improvement, I love that show! :up:

Donnie you bum, Darthphere already made a thread about hammers and home stuff. Do your homework!

Sorry. Didn't see that one and didn't think to search (give me a break, I've only been on the Hype for... a decade, damn).
There were some years in there I didn't post as much, plus I probably post more now than ever thanks to fully taking advantage of having a smart phone.
Bro, what the **** bro? Are you kidding me bro? Do you know how much work went into making my thread bro? Like seriously bro? I could kill you bro.

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