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Prison Mike

Don't drop the soap!
Feb 18, 2007
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Airs December 15. Last new episode of the year. Features Joker and...Nightwing! :woot: Should be a good episode.
so it looks like although there aren't going to be any female eps, it also looks like the tail end of this season may actually be fairly interesting to watch if fleshed out properly, things might be looking up...

Ring toss sounds awesome. I hope they also do Nightwing properly.

if we are lucky it looks like they may cram that finale two parter with many more heroes than the ones featured throughout this series
I know that after GL, there's still one more team up episode with Hawkman. And then the next team up episode is the two-part finale. I have a feeling the show will be finished after this season.
Thanks for the links k18:woot: Some useful info there.....too bad after episodes 7 & 8 they go back to more re-runs again.....ARRGGG...I wish they would just run the 13 episodes then do re-runs! Oh well you can't have it all.
I know. I wish they could show 13 episodes straight, or just make 22 episodes for the season. I really like this show for what it is. I guess they just have to drag 13 episodes over a course of 8 or 9 months.
Heres hoping they dont **** up the batman continuity

They already have since Robin came after Batgirl.

How do you think they'll show Nightwing? I'm thinking it won't actually be a real Nightwing, but possibly some computer program simulation. We probably won't even hear the word "Nightwing" in the episode.
it looks like it might be a very small cameo or something, maybe this is the episode when robin decides to leave him or something since batgirl is also moving away.

The thing is he must speak since the voice actor they hired to do him in season four is coming back
They already have since Robin came after Batgirl.

How do you think they'll show Nightwing? I'm thinking it won't actually be a real Nightwing, but possibly some computer program simulation. We probably won't even hear the word "Nightwing" in the episode.

Nightwing already showed up,In Season 4.
Yes, but that was in the future, not present day.
I thought it was pretty much confirmed this season was the last for the batman. Which if true does suck cause last season and this season have been pretty good. Also it blows the batman and legion are only 13 episodes in length it should be between 22-26 episodes.
And Harley's supposed to return! So yay on that!
Some new info from the horses mouth....

Backstage - Interviews - Alan Burnett, Interview #3
With nearly half of the season of The Batman having already aired, Burnett talks to The World's Finest about what we can expect from the rest of The Batman's fifth season.
The World's Finest: Now that you've reached the half-way point of the season, how do you feel about the episodes that have aired (good, bad, etc., please explain) and the ones remaining for the season?

I feel good about them. But I'm way too close to pick favorites right now. Even though less than half have been shown, we're already editing the 10th episode. So things are moving swiftly.

WF: Many fans have noted the evolution of the series from season one to now, the fifth season representing Batman finally becoming not just a hero, but a super-hero. How do you feel about this "evolution" and do you think it's one necessary for a character such as Batman?

Batman's always been a super hero. Now he's more of a team player. The evolution is natural. Even though he's a loner, he's no fool. If you can have Superman at your side when you're bustin' down a door, why not?

WF: When approaching this season, how did you pick which heroes would appear on the series? You have the likes of Green Arrow and Flash, but fans have been wondering why we may not be seeing Wonder Woman hitting the small screen. Is there more to this than simply demanding or writing a DC character into a script?

I don't think Wonder Woman was available to us at the time we were developing this season. She may have been reserved for movie development. Same with Aquaman. Viewers would be surprised how movie development restricts television development, not only in choices for heroes, but villains as well. I like Wonder Woman. It would have been a kick to use her. But that's the way it goes.

WF: Fans worry that you're straying too far from the Batman Family and making the series more like a "The Justice League" pilot season. Do you plan to bring the focus back on Batgirl and Robin and how do you juggle having Batman's Family interact with the entire DC Universe?

We rarely know when starting a new season whether there will be additional seasons beyond that one. We approached this season with the assumption that this would be the final season for this rendition of Batman. Thus, so we didn't consider the introduction of other heroes as straying from Batman. It's more like ending the series on a high note. If by an act of God, or Mattel, the series would continue, I'm not sure where it would go, to tell you the truth. Maybe "The Women of the Batman" in which we'd finally get that darn Wonder Woman team-up. I'm not sure what 6-11-year-old boys would think of that concept, but I like it!

As for the second part of your question, one of the things we decided early on was to keep all the stories in Gotham City, so mixing in Robin, Batgirl and even Alfred into the JLA team-ups was not that difficult.

WF: Like I've previously mentioned, we've reached the half way point of the season. As of today, six episodes have aired with seven more to go. Can you give the fans a taste of what we can expect for the final seven episodes of the season (and "The Batman" as well)?

Sure. The Green Lantern team-up will be next up with Penguin and Sinestro. Then we have an update of the Terrible Trio, featuring college kids who get into Professor Langstrom's formulas. This is the episode where we learn Batgirl's going to college. She's growing up, too. Then, we have a Hawkman episode with Shadow Thief and Black Mask teaming up. That show is like "The Poseidon Adventure" at 30,000 feet in the air. Then, the Wrath episode, in which we've added a Robin-like sidekick for Wrath called Skorn. You'll see Joker, Penguin, Ventriloquist, and Croc as supporting players. And the last two episodes will be the JLA Two-Parter. They'll also feature Robin and Batgirl, so it'll truly be a super hero extravaganza.
theres your nightwing for the episode
that's incredibly depressing that that's all we are getting...


still it's cool he gets in his original threads.

perhaps robin gets to act as nightwing in the ep while in cyber form.

I wonder who is the dude he is facing, does he look like anyone in the dc universe.

The best nightwing clips still come from teen titans, that version was totally badass. Wished they had done one more future ep. Let's hope the dtv dc animation version coming next year is better (or at least just as good).
Is anybody really surprised? I mean we already knew the episode was about video games and all. Don't care anyway. Harley>Nightwing.
How do you think they'll show Nightwing? I'm thinking it won't actually be a real Nightwing, but possibly some computer program simulation.

Yeap America, it looks I called it. Jimmy, drop the balloons!

Interesting though that they went with the original Nightwing costume design.
To me, this looks like "What is Reality?" from B:TAS, only instead of Riddler, the villain is Joker, because apparently we haven't gotten enough Joker this season. :rolleyes:

To be fair, the last Joker episode this season wasn't bad, so this may follow suit. On the other hand, that means we're due for a bad one.

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