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The Midnighter


Jun 20, 2001
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I don't know if anyone even reads the Midnighter's series (other than me), but if so, here's a preview of #16, the first issue with Lee Garbett and Rick Burchett as the new art team:


Looks pretty good. I'll be glad to just have a single art team on the book again. The quality of the art bounced around a lot after Sprouse dropped out.
Jenny Quantum is the only Authority member who's shown up recently.
So, wtf is going on? Last time I picked up the book Midnighter was kicking Hitler in the balls.
Heh, yeah, time travel's fun. Midnighter comes back, kills the ****er who put him through that time travel fiasco, and then ostensibly learns his "true identity." That leads him to a small town that he supposedly grew up in, but now they're being controlled by this fascistic, Gestapo-like police force called Anthem. He obviously kicks some of their asses, gets captured, goes all John McClane in their base, kills some more of their operatives, and finally forces Anthem to surrender, whereupon they cut a deal with the Authority to keep Midnighter from totally dismantling their organization. Oh, and his true identity turns out to not be his real true identity. And he's working with some punk hacker chick. I honestly don't know where the **** she came from. I must've missed an issue or something.
Hmmm, I may keep track of this book in trade.
It's all right. It's nothing great, as evidenced by the fact that I can barely remember what's happened in half the issues, but it's a solid read every month. Yeah, every month. Crazy to hear about a Wildstorm book, I know, but Midnighter somehow manages it.
Well, I started off reading, and I liked it, but it wasn't good enough to keep on the pull list when I dropped a whole bunch of books last year. I hear that "Welcome to Tranquilty" and "Stormwatch PDsome other letter I forget" is supposed to be really good.
Welcome to Tranquility and Stormwatch: PHD are easily the best of the current crop of Wildstorm books. So, naturally, PHD's been canceled and Tranquility hasn't come out in just about forever.

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