Days of Future Past The Official Dofp MAGAZINES Thread

Thank you Danoyse, about time someone put him in his place.




These covers look better than average. I like them. :up:
They are better than the empire ones imo.
They are better than the empire ones imo.
They have a more boring and generic background. The only thing that is better is that there are several characters on each of them. ;)
I like the storm mags and xavier one because it seems that they actually thought about where to place characters.
Those are WAY worse than the Empire covers. Those are actually so bad.
Ellen Page is looking good in that cover.

It seems like a lot of magazines are doing the special edition covers. Too bad there isn't much variety in the poses that we're been presented.

ALPHA Magazine (United Arab Emirates) - May, 2014



Michael, you’ve worked in both serious dramas as well as 
in big sci-fi blockbusters like the X-Men films. Do you like 
that kind of balance?

I don’t necessarily have a plan when it comes to that, although when I did the first X-Men it was the kind of project that helped me get other projects financed. Doing X-Men: First Class brought me to the attention of a very large public just as Prometheus did, but I normally look for interesting stories with talented directors.

I loved the idea of doing the new X-Men and seeing how that story evolves and also getting to hang out with James [McAvoy]. Sometimes it’s just the atmosphere and where you’re going to be shooting the film that influences your decision.

What was your experience working with director Bryan Singer on Days of Future Past?

We had a great time. We did our fair share of partying and we were also able to get out on the town and take in some of the city. Together with James, we went to the Formula One race in Montreal and had a lot of fun meeting some of the drivers and hanging out in the pit lane. I love racing.
Are you conscious of your appeal to women?

I’m very cynically aware of that and it’s not something that I spend any amount of time thinking about. As a teenager I suffered from bad acne and bad hair and I was anything but a star with girls. It’s all rather strange that women are suddenly paying attention to me now that I’m successful, whereas four or five years ago I could be sitting at a bar and women would ignore me or turn away after I started talking to them. Now I seem to be able to make a lot of female friends very easily. That can make you suspicious of one’s sudden appeal [laughs sarcastically].

When it comes to women, what do you find most attractive?

In terms of personality, I like women who are independent and self-assured and have a good sense of humour. From a physical perspective, I love everything about women. The neck, the shoulders, the wrists… I suppose, I could go on.
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Recently a friend and i went to see Captain America :-)up::up:) and in line we overheard a girl gushing to her boyfriend about how good looking she thought Fassbender was after seeing 12 Years A Slave. lol
hmmm makes you wonder why Daniel and other future cast members were on the same set reshoots as Jennifer and some other past cast members... wonder if it was for the ending or just so happen to hang on the same set.
I actually haven't read any of the articles I posted yet LOL It's a free theatre magazine I picked up when I watched Spidey.
Wow that's so cool to see and welcome Bing Bing Blink!
Welcome to the boards ging ging blink. I'd like to know what they say about dofp inside the magazine or if they even mention it.

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