The Official "How hyped are you for Spider-Man 3?" thread


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Apr 7, 2001
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Compared to Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, how hyped are you for Spider-Man 3?
After watching the second movie I have been anxiously hoping that spiderman 3 will come out earlier than reported.... but I have felt this way before with Matrix......hopefully I won't be dissapointed this time.....
Right now my hype is centered around Batman Begins.

Once June 2005 is done with, the Spidey hype will start up again.
If they're finished by 2005, why in the hell are they releasing it in 2007?! I hate this bull****! I WANT A 2006 RELEASE DATE!!!
It isn't going to be finished by 2005.
Im more hyped about this than 1 and 2 combined. 1 was good, 2 was awesome, I hope 3 will be Amazing.
I'm a little apprehensive. Two big villains in one movie always make me nervous. I'm hoping that nothing will get screwed up. Buit I trust Sam Raimi immensly with the character so I'm pretty sure it'll end up being amazing.
i agree with arachnid-kid!!! once Batman BEGINS is out and ive seen it 10 times, then my spidey hype with explode!!!! and ill get ready for spidey 3!
Now that the release is pretty frikking close - can ya believe it? - and we´ve had all these trailers and stuff, it´s a good time to check the hype on the movie. How do you feel excitement among non-comic book fan friends, family, etc. What do they say when you show footage, do they plan going to see it, etc. How does it feel compared to the other two?
All of my friends are excited. I sent them all the final trailer and I think that made them even more pumped. I really think Spider-Man is going to be bigger than Pirates, even though both should be able to survive going against eachother and make a lot of dough.
im pretty damn excited... i bought a toy... i havent done that in YEARS!
I'm kinda excited, but to be honest I've been pretty busy lately so have lost track slightly . . . not to mention the fact that I have been over-hyped for around a year so am having difficulties excepting the imminent release. 'Spose after all this time I'm slightly hyped out.

Only kiddin -- role on May 4, wooo hooooooooo :):):):)
I'll be glad when the movie hits, so we can stop going over trailers frame-by-frame. :cool:
I think the hype for this movie is unbelievable and there is almost universal anticipation for it,everywhere i turn i see people excited for it...i have read a post on another forum where it says:''This is the first spidey movie i''ll see in the cinema and not wait for it on Fox''...seems kind of funny but the reality is the first spidey had great hype but more because it was the first spidey film and it was a dream come true for all the fans but this has hype based on 2 things:the quality and Venom...if the movie ends up being as good as everybody hopes it will break all box-office records especially if you consider that it has 2 weeks for itself in the USA and almost a month in the rest of the world(Shrek opens in june and july in almost every territory)and if the word of mouth starts like i think it will everybody will want to see it,something like Titanic or last years POTC...and even though Venom is not my favorite villain i have never seen so much buzz for a character like that ever...i have friends who havent even heard of a spider-man comic book but ask me daily if there are new pics or videos from him.
this is the calm before the storm...

remember this anticipation peeps, it might be the best part of the film like it was for the last stand...

or maybe not...
Ha Ha! After reading your posts the last 8 months I would never have guessed.

Definitely NOT the Last Stand. I still laugh at those worried... this is going to be the best Spidey movie yet!

I was excited before reading the novelization, but after reading it?

I'm going crazy and the only thing I can think about is Spider-Man 3. Even writing a sequel to it right now that I hope to have ready to premiere on the fanfic forums on here around the time the film comes out- and yes, that was a "plug".

Thank god school is slowing down- because, for the next half of the semester all I'll think about is Spidey Mania kicking into overdrive.
I've been "feeling the Hype" for SM3 for about 2 years now...and it didn't really kick in until Comic-Con last year. I witnessed basically the ENTIRE filming (on here, all the set pics, videos, etc.)

When I saw the leaked Comic-Con trailer way back in July, I was OFFICIALLY pumped for the film. I almost couldn't stand to wait any longer...i thought I had to see it right then...but I guess I was actually officially pumped with the confirmation of Venom.

The film, from the first set pics I saw back in January, I knew would be amazing. I just didn't know the full scope of it, the 'everything' of it...I did not know what to expect really...but now I do, and I am DAMN ready for it.


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