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X-Men The Official MCU X-Men News and Discussion Thread

Works for me. I love Ewan McGregor. :D
I think it is clear by know that Feige doesn't know **** about running a television division. And his damn ego cost us some great shows.
Well which imo, they should have stuck with the movies,and let someone do a few Marvel shows (like 1 to 2 shows per year) for Disney+.
Not to mention Kung Fu Panda 4 did tremendously well at the box office on a budget of under $100 million.
Aside from Deadpool & Wolverine, there's still Inside Out, Wicked, Despicable Me, Joker, Moana and Venom which should all be fine at the box office.

But ultimately, streaming is making harder for a lot of films to really make an impression at the box office. I think Marvel Studios should be wiser in the future, more movie flops under the MCU, won't be good for the X-Men.
Ah, wealthy white man from TERF island. No reason at all to be concerned there.

The problem is always going to go back to my concerns with a CCP approved X-men. Fighting to be part of society vs fighting to be accepted for who you are is a subtle, but very important distinction.
Ha yeah well…I think it’s more appealing to the American mid west than the CCP these days.

It’s like, I was in a book store today and they had a Kendrick Lamar book right next to a Taylor Swift book. I kind of think that relates to the x-men, like the fans want a Kendrick Lamar but we’re going to get a Taylor Swift as in easily digestible, poppy, sugary and the vaguest lettuce slap of a political comment like “bigotry is bad”
Just a few more fan cast picks…

Charles Xavier: Ewan McGregor, 53

Scott Summers / Cyclops: KJ Apa, 26

Ororo Munroe / Storm: Jayme Lawson, 26

Jean Grey: Maya Hawke, 25

Hank McCoy / Beast: Owen Teague, 25

Bobby Drake / Iceman: Jack Dylan Grazer, 20

Lucas Bishop: Stephan James, 30

Hisako Ichiki Armor: Unknown actor, 13-18

Erik Lensherr / Magneto: Richard Armitage, 52

Cameron Hodge: Walton Goggins, 52

Dr. Steven Lang: Jim Parsons, 51

Valerie Cooper: Melanie Lynskey, 47

President Kelly: Bruce Greenwood, 67
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He's hot. I like it.

By the way, this is Giancarlo Esposito's stunt double on the set of Brave New World:

Henry Gyrich?
He's hot. I like it.

By the way, this is Giancarlo Esposito's stunt double on the set of Brave New World:

Henry Gyrich?

Dunno if Gyrich fits the agent of chaos description that's been reported.
I watched The Flash last night or tried to and I just have to say, thank heavens Muschetti isn’t directing x-men. What a mess
Jacob Elordi is easily the best choice for Cyclops, from all the actors of the new generation. like hands down.
His character in Euphoria gave a dark vibe that shows Jacob has some range, and then he has the romcoms he has done that made many girls fall in love with him too, so seems like he has all the ingredients to make a compeling Scott Summers. A tormented, complex, melancholic and slim young man with the appearance of a boy scout.
Does that sound familiar?

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