The Official Psylocke/Mei Melancon Thread


Sep 18, 2005
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The Official Psylocke Thread!


The Character
Bio courtesy of

Real Name: Elizabeth Braddock
Universe/Timeline: Marvel Universe
Current Status:
Aliases: Lady Mandarin, Kwannon, Captain Britain II
Nationality: English
First Appearance: Captain Britain (1st series) #8

Powers and Abilities:
telekinetics allow her to manipulate matter through directed psionic energy, focus her mental energies into a psionic katana Affiliations:
RCX, STRIKE, The Hand, X-Men, Crimson Pirates, Hellfire Club, Undercloaks

Psylocke was originally a telepath, had limited precognitive abilities, and was a psycho-blaster, able to direct mental energy as destructive mind blasts. After a brief period as Captain Britain -- in CB (2nd Series) #12-13 -- she was blinded by Slaymaster, and later received bionic eyes from Mojo in New Mutants Annual #2 which could compensate for intense light.
Matsu'o later commissioned Spiral to exchange Betsy's mind with the assassin Kwannon, and Psylocke gained a new Asian body with depleted power levels and the ability to generate a psychic knife in Uncanny X-Men #256. After Kwannon died in X-Men #31, her full potential returned.

When Archangel and Doctor Strange saved her life using the Crimson Dawn in Uncanny X-Men #330, Psylocke manifested mystically enhanced fighting skills and shadow-teleporting powers. Months later, in X-Men #78, Betsy was forced to shut down her telepathy in order to keep the Shadow King trapped within her mind. Later still, in an as-of-yet unexplained incident, her telepathic powers were transplanted into Jean Grey in exchange for Jean's own telekinetic abilities.

Psylocke was killed by Vargas in X-Treme X-Men #2, but spontaneously and mysteriously resurrected on the same spot in Uncanny X-Men #455. As a member of the Australian X-Men, Psylocke was once rendered invisible to all forms of electronic detection.

Detailed Bio At:
Costume Gallery:

The Actress

Meiling Melancon.



LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - The evil mutant assassin Psylocke has joined the lineup of "X-Men 3," the latest installment of the Marvel superhero franchise.
The character will be played by Filipina actress Mei Melancon, who previously worked with "X-Men 3" director Brett Ratner in "Rush Hour 2."
Word began leaking last week from the Vancouver set that "X-Men 3" would introduce Psylocke, who has had several incarnations in the Marvel comic book series and is best known for her fighting and telepathic skills as well as an ability to transport herself and others through shadows. In the film, she will fight against the X-Men as a member of Magneto‘s ( Ian McKellen ) Brotherhood of Mutants.
"X-Men 3" is set to bow May 26, on Memorial Day weekend, via Twentieth Century Fox. Reuters/Hollywood Reporter


Rush Hour 2 (2001) .... Girl in Car
Double Take (2001) (uncredited) .... La Perla model

Notable TV Guest Appearances

"Kitchen Confidential" playing "Beautiful Patron" in episode: "Let's Do Brunch" (episode # 1.9) 2006
"Deadwood" playing "Chinese Slave****e" in episode: "Childish Games" (episode # 2.8) 24 April 2005
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" playing "Vanessa Green - Screaming Woman" in episode: "Suckers" (episode # 4.13) 5 February 2004
Shouldn't there be two threads for every topic.

1) The official Pyslocke thread.
2) The official geek troll whiner who doesn't like any idea if it's not his own thread about Psyloke.

This way we can elminate the irritating complaining and whining that will not result in anything productive.
Hope she has contacts and exposed thighs with strappy things on em. Those details complete the visual character.
I'm gonna reserve judgement on whether she "should or shouldn't" until I see the film. That's when we'll find out if she's used well.
Maybe they will just delete her scenes.
I want her in this film,she'd be great to see on the big screen.
SingItWithMeNow said:
how can they cast when theyre co slose to the end of filming?

Because she is most likely a small part...IMO....but some people dont agree with that and think she is a huge, integral part...
SingItWithMeNow said:
how can they cast when theyre co slose to the end of filming?

The role is probably very minor, which is consistent with the actress’s limited resume of bit parts.

As the scooper reported seeing the actress onset a couple weeks ago, so who knows how longs she has been filming her scenes.

With the news of “Psylocke sightings,” Fox PR probably just finally confirmed the casting.
Betsy's one of my favorite X-Men, but personally, I was hoping they would save her for the Wolverine movie. Eh, well. Either way, it'll be nice to see her on the big screen.
I like her resume, "Chinese Slave****e." Personally, from that picture, I think she's a good match for Psylocke and as long as they just don't kill her off, this might be a way to open up an oppurtunity for her to be in a bigger role in a different movie.
Eh...I don't like her for Psylocke (look-wise), but eh what can ya do? Purple hair, red facial mark. Should be cool. =/
As much as I like the charcter, it's getting somewhat obnoxious. I mean..I know that Psylocke won't be a main character, but it kinda contridicts what Kinberg and Penn said about 'cameos' and name dropping.

While Penn may have been right, and how it's better to use real mutant characters instead of "mutant extra 23", I think that there's more than meets the eye....TO QUOTE THE TRANSFORMERS.

One day...just one day..we'll see "INSERT ACTORS" HAS BEEN CONFIMRED AS DAY!
I don't know if I like this or not. Psylocke, among others we've heard about deserve better than this. Now she's just on Mags team doing who knows what for how many minutes...maybe seconds.

It makes me wish Gambit doesn't end up in the film, if he's going to get the same treatment. I don't really like his character much, but he's a major character that deserves better than that, and fans would probably be angry if it was something of no importance. Now I understand Avi Arad's comments (if he wasn't lying). :p

Of course maybe Psylocke has a worthwhile cameo role? Can't jump to conclusions, but if it's just a really tiny cameo with no major purpose for importance, maybe they should've stuck with more obscure characters for this purpose? Psylocke is a major character in the Marvel universe.
I really don't know what to think. It's cool that's Psylocke is in, but at the sametime, I have this..weary feeling. Maybe it's too much. maybe I'm overracting. I don't know. I can't say that I'm jumping up and down..
Actually she won't have a big role in X3, since she's not in the 1st trailer and don't have a promo pic. she will only have a cameo, at least my favorite X-Men will have an exposure.
Well I dont think she is in the core Brotherhood...

She might be like what Jubilee is to the X-Men..
Feels like they're just trying to stuck as many mutants as possible into the movie. Meh.
okay, as a huge psylcoke fan i just have to say:


Im done

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