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The Official Superhero Hype Homework Help thread


Jun 14, 2007
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I know its a little early, but i know some people start school in august. Now i know im not the only hype member who is still in high school, some areprobably even in middle school. Dont come here if you have a huge essay due in 2 hours, come here when you have a while to do the assignment. that way it wont be your only resource. also, dont ask anybody here to do our homework for you. you can ask for help, though.
you can also use this thread to post about school, or something interesting that happened that the hype would find funny or interesting.
any questions?
Some b!tches start school today.
Sucks for them.
Oh and use proper punctuation and capitilization... we'll respect you more for it.
315.894 Fran points x 89.01 Fran points= ????

You gotta help me! :(
315.894 Fran points x 89.01 Fran points= ????

You gotta help me! :(

The answer is zero, zilch, nada - that's what there worth in the real world :cwink:
315.894 Fran points x 89.01 Fran points= ????

You gotta help me! :(

you don't need his validation mee. Bugs makes you awesome :up:
im forced to take virtual school during the summer :(

lol personal fitness and health online!...hurray for the education system!
Here's one:

The diameters of aluminum alloy rods produced on an extrusion machine are known to have a standard deviation of 0.0001 in. A random sample of 25 rods has an average diameter of 0.5046 in.

->Test the hypothesis that mean rod diameter is 0.5025 in. Assume a two-sided alternative and use alpha= 0.05


Who's this Ice-Man and what's his deal with homework?

You'd figure that someone who has a family in the mob :-)whatever:) would be able to bribe someone.

Was that him that said that? I lose track of all the crazy **** that comes out of his head sometimes.

And if his family was really in the mafia, no bribe would be necessary, just a good ol' beatdown.
Do your own f'ing homework.

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