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Dec 28, 2007
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I've heard alot of negative things about G.I.Joe in reviews and well, i want to defend it...

The Movie that is, i think it was a brilliant combination of story, action, character developement and special effects...

Now let me give you a bit of my background with G.I.JOE - i was born in the early 80's and thus grew up with the animated series on television, although its been nearly a couple of decades since i watched the show. I still remember the classic characters of Snake Eyes, Duke, Cobra Commander... I never read any of the comic books but i do remember having a couple of the toys - I actually still have one of the original snake eyes. But that was it...

People talk of canoncity towards the history of a franchise... I look at X-Men, Transformers...Ect. The problem with this is that the source material is generally considered the canoncity but sometimes that doesnt work with a movie... Let me take the x-men for example - the comic has a long line of history which we consider the canon. But we have Animated series, Toys, Novels, all having there own history made for them.

But when it comes to G.I.JOE - the source material was the fact that it came from a Toy... So the comic, animated series are not the canon. So when you see this as a movie, you have to consider that this is there mythology. there history....

Now the excellent thing about G.I.JOE movie is that they revolved it around technology thats either in development or not far off been made domestic. - Hologrames, there getting closer and closer to what we saw in the movie, camoflarge jacket makes you invisable, again the technology existist but its the development of the product, where almost there. Then there is the excellorator suits which you would think is bizzare but its true they are developing such technology... you can youtube each of these and find developement in each of those technology fields.

Lets talk character development.

The character of Rex Lewis was compelling. He was the genius brother of the baronness who discovered something in a bunker, believed dead his actions had caused mostly what happend in that entire film.

Destro - the character came what his family always become.

i could go on and on, yeah theyre cast of Joes some where questionable... i kind of didnt see a reason why we needed Heavy Duty until the final fight scene. But then if you have a specialist team each with a different skill then that skill isnt going to all come into effect at the begining of the film.

the special effects and action where amazing. So tell me what really was wrong with this movie?

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