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The running commentary in your head


Feb 16, 2004
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What were your thoughts AS you were watching the movie? they may have changed afterwards. Try to keep them in chronological order

No pain management for birth? (then later) Oh. interesting.

If you read to me that Jor-El would be riding a dragonfly, I would have laughed in your face. Seems to work.

Once on Earth.

Why has the color been bled out so much?

How many flashbacks are we going to get?

What's with all the lens flare?

Man, we don't get to see how he shaves!

Okay, I knew Lois was going to learn his identity soon...and I like it.

(Smallville fight) Well, the people who complained that Supes was just pushing and moving stuff around last time sure can't complain now.

(Metropolis fight) This city is going to take forever to rebuild. This is how I imagined a Doomsday fight would look.

(Lois kiss) nicely played. But He's gotta fight Zod (then) Yes!

(the snap) Whoa.....that was ballsy of the moviemakers

(leaving the theater) not sure how I felt about that....
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Who ever is playing Superman's mom is a great actress, I want more of her.

Why a close up on his abs?

Superman and truckers just don't get along.

Wow. Just that simple he dons the suit and he's Superman?

What with Perry's ear ring it's distracting?

Cavill is being held back by not getting as much dialogue.

(on the snap) man that was tense.

Can we just skip Clark Kent at this point it's already butchered
Here's mine, but only for the Krypton scenes, bit long lol ;)

got my glasses, got my shirt, got my red underwear since someones got to wear em, I'm ready for the movie

why hasn't the movie started yet, ticket say 10pm, its 10:30....wtf


oooohhhhh trippy SynCopy logo...AHHH BLURRY FACE CLOSE UP!!


why are there no Kryptonian doctors?

ha their wearing bird cages on their heads

wait, if Jor-El is on the council why doesn't he have a bird cage on his head?

yes....keep sitting there cause you know, the walls suddenly blowing up happens everyday...

beatch get out of Faora's seat *in grandpa voice* nnoo my bird cage fell off

pppff yeah sure Zod, you dont want to be enemies with Jor-El my ass lol

KEELEX YOUR BACK....WTF!!...how'd he know to do that...

how is Jor-El able to beat the crap out of trained soldiers when he's suppose to just be a scientist...

wow, Krypton looks amazing, look its that dragon thing from Avatar

where'd Jor-El's council robes go? Are they still on the giant dragon fly?

....so....all of Krypton's genetic codes are written on a half broken skull??? what??

oh well, Jor-El's about to kick it, movie's over....oh...nope....dragon fly again...

hey yeah thats nice....poor thing just saved your ass and got shot for you....yeah just leave it there to die......

where'd Lara's belly go?

Is this what suppose to make Superman more special than all the of Kryptonians other than his natural birth?

Ok again, why does a scientist have armor?

where'd Lara go? Oh nope...there she is, she's can do magic like the Joker

wow....the Kryptonian military sucks....

so.....a gun....that has no sharp ends....cut the side of Zod's head.....ok sure why not...

yes take your eyes off your enemy without restraining him in any way.....see thats why you dont do that....

Wait....didnt she get shot?

So obviously this is taking place after Jor-El's funeral and what not, but no one is going to patch up that wound on the side of Zod's head....nope just gonna leave it exposed and for some reason not bleeding.....yep I guess there are no doctor's on Krypton.

maybe you should sent that armor off to find your son just incase he might need it at some point....

OH ****!! thats gotta hurt.....lava right to the....well.....face.....

I bet there are still going to be people on Hype thinking that Krypton doesn't blow up

ok, so yeah...thats pretty much everything that was going through my head during the opening mins of Man Of Steel :p
When the lights finally went out and the movie began, I couldn't believe it. All the waiting, all of the anticipation... it was finally over.

I must admit the very first moments of the film during Kal's birth grabbed me but it only took a few minutes before a sinking feeling started to set in. The tone of the movie just felt "off". It felt clunky. The narrative was rushed. The dialogue was hammy. Everyone was overacting. I couldn't believe it. That was the moment I had allowed for the possibility that maybe the critics were right. That maybe this really was going to be a "dumb comic book movie". Maybe the Clark stuff on Earth would be different.

But here we are several minutes later, still on Krypton. Already I was becoming less immersed in the story. I could not believe it. Shannon's Zod was fierce and magnetic but the direction was so off that his performance felt undermined. I was beginning to question Snyder. Then the dialogue got more hammy, and so I questioned Goyer.

Cut to Earth. Finally. The real story can begin. And boy was it underwhelming. Everything felt rushed. Scenes from the trailer were beginning to unfold but unlike in the trailer this time they weren't very effective. It was all show and no feel. It really did feel like a dumb summer movie. The flashbacks into Clark's past didn't resonate. For someone so central to Clark's story, I thought Pa Kent's introduction was a bit anti-climactic... as if the film was saying "Oh and by the way, here's his father".

Lois was introduced and I didn't care. I was sick to my stomach that this was really happening. This was a bad film, and I knew it. Before you know it Clark is in the suit and we're re-introduced to Russell Crowe. Everything was underwhelming. The scene of Clark becoming Superman didn't have nearly as much of the gravitas as the trailer had me believe it would. The flight was indeed a powerful experience to behold visually but there was no emotional weight to it. Snyder REALLY dropped the ball. At this point I had given up on the story and I was just counting down the minutes until the third act so I could at least bare witness to some intense Superman action.

Things happen, characters who nobody gives a s*** about are introduced. Lawrence Fishburn is in the movie for no reason at all. More redundant flashbacks even though Clark's character had already taken it's turn. The movie was genuinely boring me. Zod's arrival pumped some blood back into it... for about five minutes. I began to contemplate whether or not the chick that played Faora had sucked someone off at Warner's to land her role. Yes, she was that bad. More things happen. Superman crosses the army. Blah blah, blah blah. Let's get to it already. My best friend's fiance was literally groaning. I knew she was bored to tears and I couldn't blame her. I'm a die hard Superman fan and even I was checking the time.

The action doesn't let up. It's intense for sure but without the emotional weight behind it, it's forgettable. Even as I type this and try and reflect on specific parts, it all feels like a giant blur. But in the moment? Wow. At least this was pretty awesome. Unimaginative and hollow... but awesome.

And that was pretty much the vibe up until the end of the movie. I'm a huge fan of 3D and yet even the 3D in this movie wasn't great. Actually at times I forgot I was even watching 3D at all. That's how unnoticeable was. Superman's fight with Zod was more over the top than anything I had ever seen and yes... it was awesome. I so, so wished that the rest of this movie had delivered because I probably would have been utterly blown away at this point.

The crowd "oohed" when Superman broke Zod's neck, and it was also the first and only audible reaction the crowd had made during the entire film. Superman's kiss with Lois came so out of nowhere and felt so forced that I thought it almost rivaled the love story in Attack Of The Clones.

Clark becomes a mild mannered reporter, movie ends, lights come up. I turned to my friend and we could see it in each other's faces. It was awful. So, so awful. My exact words after exiting the theater were "Welp, there goes Justice League."

So my friends, there you have it. Just one fan's experience. I am so disappointed I cannot even begin to tell you. I had truly never been more excited for a movie. I wanted it to be great, but I believe the trailers told the story better than the film did.

Wow, I would totally try to get with BOTH of Superman's Moms.
Superman and truckers just don't get along.

lol. when I saw his "revenge" I remember thinking Wish they left that out. It'd be better for his character if he had to suck it up like a lot of us do.
I'd respond but DarthSkywalker will probably goose step in and attack me for being critical of the film and the filmmakers.
I miss Terrence Stamp. Is Zod the only person on Krypton without an accent?


Jor-El can fight! Space Badass!! Oh he's dead? did they really just do that??

Wait, is that a Chris Cornell song?

Death by tornado... ok that was new

That was too easy for Lois to just follow the breadcrumbs back to the Kents

AI Jor-El! holographic badass!!!

why did the Fortress ship just happen to have the Supersuit all clean pressed and waiting for Kal? lightswitch!

DAYUM!! I haven't seen a city this ****ed up since Cloverfield! how many people are dead?

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