The Seven Deadly Sins

The Spawn

Better Than You
Aug 10, 2002
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Which one do you find yourself executing most of the time?
All of them. I am just a plain ole sinner, down to the bone. :(
i take pride in not being angry muhahahahahahaha.
All of them but Greed, really, though Envy probably most.
I don't get angry very often, and I don't really have anything to be proud about.

But everything else, guilty. :)
Sloth. I wanna do stuff, but then I'm just like...meh.
Lust, gluttony and anger, in that order.
I take great pride in not commiting any of those sins.
I used to be big on sloth, glutony, and anger, but I've been working on thoes. Right now my main thing is envy. It's just that at my last school(I just graduated from middle school. summer vacation. YAY!) there were lots of kids who were more popular, had more money, and had talents in things that were considered cool. And on top of all that, the girl I had a huge crush on started going out with a friend of mine and didn't even give me a chance(and said friend knew I had a crush on said girl). My friend, the insanely talanted bass guitarrest, got the girl, and I, the aspireing comic book writer, is left out in the cold. Doesn't really help a guy's self asteem, does it? So yeah, I'm pretty envious. And I'm bitter! Don't forget the bitterness!
anger, but it helps my sense of humor so i'm proud of it.
half of the 7 sins don't even seem like what a sin 'ought to be.
The Riddler said:
half of the 7 sins don't even seem like what a sin 'ought to be.

And I just realized:Someone can go their entire life without commiting any of the seven deadly sins and still be a total @$$hole.
The Riddler said:
half of the 7 sins don't even seem like what a sin 'ought to be.
They're suppose to be the "seeds" that grow into true self-destructive behavior. When they're small, silly, dismissable habits, you wouldn't think to "weed out" that character flaw.

But, that small seed grows into constricting thorns that "block out the light". That's also why I like Jesus's parables and metaphors about the exact opposite: the kingdom of God is a spiritual condition that also begins as a small seed, but grows into a tremendous, picturesque tree.

If these two sorts of seeds grow in the human soul and mind in much the same way, it is up to us as individuals to decide which to pull up, and which to plant. Which is the weed? Which is the plant? It's up to you. :up:

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