Superman IV: The Quest for Peace The "Superman IV" Restoration Project


Mar 22, 2008
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Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Williams/Courage score restored to all added scenes.
  • New red-style worm Warner logo is added. (pulled from Magnum Force)
  • Superman saving the cosmonaut now comes before the credits.
  • Extra footage from STM to establish Clark at his parents' grave, followed by image on him there. (courtesy of capedwonder)
  • Clark's nightmare sequence had a bad Jor-El voiceover, so a new sequence was designed using footage and audio from STM.
  • Clark waking up and talking to his neighbor restored.
  • Extra dialog between Jeremy and his classmates restored.
  • Superman answering Jeremy's letter restored. Superman's flying shot was unfinished footage, so a flying shot from Superman III was used. Some footage was cut at the end, so still images and captions will be shown to add in missing dialog.
  • Creation of Nuclear Man 1 restored. Temp music has been reduced as much as possible.
  • Metro Club scene using images from the comic book has been added. This is done to explain Nuclear Man's interest in Lacy. Footage of Nuclear Man 1 going outside with the lady has been restored.
  • Superman fighting Nuclear Man 1 outside Metro Club is restored. Temp music has been reduced as much as possible.
  • Lenny bringing the ashes back to Lex is restored.
  • The "Fresh Air" flying sequence has been extended.
  • The tornado and Moscow missile sequences have been restored. Footage from the Japanese laserdisc is used to replace incomplete effects shots from the DVD deleted scenes footage.
  • A line of dialog from the script is restored when Lex asks Nuclear Man "what is there to fear?". Nuclear Man now responds "Destiny." using a still image and a caption.
  • Additional footage of Clark ill has been restored.
  • Nuclear Man now abducts Lacy after waking up, and not after the moon fight.
  • Nuclear Man taking Lacy back to Lex's lair and becoming a missile is restored. All footage is restored through Superman using Lacy as bait to stop Nuclear Man.
  • Extra flying shot of Nuclear Man is restored.
  • Ordering of scenes are restored back to their original form. Nuclear Man confronts Superman on streets of Metropolis. Then comes Moon Fight.
  • The scene of Nuclear Man returning to Earth to fetch Lacy at Lex's lair has been restored. The scene of Nuclear Man abducting Lacy at the Daily Planet was used in the theatrical cut at this spot. That scene is now in its proper spot earlier in the film.
  • After Warfield loses the Daily Planet, the scene of Lacy saying goodbye to Clark is restored. Some footage at the beginning was cut off, so Lacy mentioning wanting to go to Smallville to get a farm and asking if anyone back home is like Clark has been added using a still image and captions.
  • Superman stops Lex and Lenny on the freeway. He takes Lenny to Boy's Home and Lex back to the quarry.
  • Scene outside United Nations. Superman gives "One World" speech. Footage of people around the world listening to him is added. Additional dialog by Superman is added.
  • Superman flying to see Jeremy is restored. They fly over Earth, wave to the Cosmonauts, and return to Earth.
  • End credits.
Further info:
-First, the astronaut's head is not chopped anymore

-Superman's first appearance now has the matte borders erased, is color corrected, and has a changing focus so it looks like he's approaching the camera (sorry, don't know if I explained it correctly).

-Superman flying from the space station has a new background, and not the 'pink' space station.

-The first flight inside the tunnel of the Metro station is changed too. The train has been re-animated and the background restored. Supes has been re-composited in the new background and now has a shadow so it helps to integrate the actor into the scene better.

-Supes flying towards the tunnel. The scale of Superman has been changed as it looked too small, and the background is cleaned.

-Superman flying to the FOS. The background is now static and Supes has been re-composited into this new background.

-The FOS scene has been changed too. First, I tried to make it blue and white instead of greenish but it didn't work cause I would have had to change the first scenes in the farm too in order to make the crystals look blue and that's a lot of work So I added a glow to the crystal tubes. The elder's scenes have glow too and the color in those scenes have been corrected as they didn't match the shots with Superman.

-The flight with Lois. The scene is being now color corrected, some shots have been recomposited. In some shots I've added shadows from the buildings so it makes the scene more real.

-Superman taking the missiles. Enhanced image quality and color correction.

-The birth of Nuclear Man. The scene has a red glow so it makes it more menacing.
There's nothing anyone can do that will make this movie any good.

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