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The Tick


Sep 17, 2012
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Currently re-watching The Tick live action show from 2001. Anyone else like to see The Wild Blue Yonder taken to the screen again, big or small? Could make for a pretty entertaining film, although might work better as a new cartoon.
I would like to see him on the big screen.

A new, more adult, cartoon would work too but I really think its time for the character to make its way on the big screen.

Obviously, Patrick Warburton should play him.

it would be interesting to see what they could do with the character on a full movie budget
I thought the live action show was very underrated and I just LOVED the toon!

"I'm about to write you a reality check. Or would you prefer the cold, hard cash of truth?"
One of the greatest live action shows ever. I still watch the dvd every now and then.
Both versions (cartoon and live action were great), and a film would be awesome.
They could perhaps just re-cast all or at least most of the original actors from the live action series and just more or less pick up where the series left off - although with a larger budget, and it being about a decade later, allowing some CGI and the introduction of more out there characters/villains.
If they do it again I hope they give him a proper mask.
I think most of the original cast could still pull off and carry a live action movie. Although not for to much longer.
Their characters, personality and chemistry are all solid which is what counts.
And with a movie FX budget, they can just take the insanity to a whole new level.

If they started over, sadly Warburton would be next to impossible to replace or top.
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