The Trading Place.

I might off my Big G....Anyone looking for a Spawn serie one?...My CBS has one...I can get it for anyone who wants to trade for it...
All I'm interested in is a few Street Fighters, Sin City movie line and Scarface movie figures.
Who you looking for in Sin City?...I can get the big Scareface figures....the cartoon looking ones...
The Scarface figures, are they the ones that say phrases??

I also would like the white suit realistic Scarface figure, the one that isn't a caricature.
There's some like that only a lil bigger and it says phrases through a voice chip.

Thats what I want.
Kevin, Yellow B(Maybe there was like 2 from what I saw), B. Marv, The Asian chick(forgot her name), Wendy, Goldie, The Big Black dude...

I have two Marv's, the first one and the bloody one from wave 2. Only fig I'm thinkin' about is either Kevin and Goldie.

Whats Kevins where there? I need a black/white version to match.
The rare one is the one with white lenses on his glasses right??

I'd take a black/white Kevin or Goldie for either movie Doom MOC I have.Take your pic. Not interested in the wave3 IW or variant Ben Grimm?
Yep the W/C is the rare one...

Sure...I can get him for you in a week...
I don't have that one. I have the one that has light up eyes and right hand and the other has a missle launcher.
Oh....well....I'll ckeck out your trade/sell see if there's anything I want...
Maybe so. Saw that at TRU about a week ago. Can't guarantee that there's still any but when I go up their sometime this coming week I'll check.

You still want Trenchcoat Thing???
Also I have a loose, complete comic Hellboy fig up for grabs if you're interested. Its the closed mouth version. And of course he's unplayed with, display only like the rest of my stuff.
If you can get the HE I want that...but if not..yeah I want TT...

Naw that's ok for the HB...
Trenchcoat Thing is also a loose, complete fig that was displayed only.

You wouldn't want both???

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