The USS Vengeance


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Feb 7, 2013
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Let's Talk about this Mean Machine...

The visible gap between the outer ring of its saucer and bridge definitely reinforces the idea it requires less crew than expected to operate. I'm curious as to who exactly the bad guy employs to help fly and maintain it. Unless he simply got a one man fighter plane for the world's biggest case of compensation.
Are there more pictures of it? Looks cool.
Looks like a black Enterprise to me.
Starfleet is about exploration and good will. The Federation are not warmongers like the Klingons and Romulans. What is the big idea?
I look at the destruction of Vulcan as to the reason behind a ship like this. That would be the idea.
Yup, you don't need to be a warmonger to realise you might need to prepare for possible war.
Perhaps it's a ship the Federation was building in case of war, but kept secret so as not to draw away attention from their main mission of exploration. But somehow Harrison finds out/already knows about it and steals it to use against the Federation themselves.
What I've heard of the plot, it serves a very specific purpose and probably plays into one of the themes of the movie.
It's a hell of a ship. Can't wait to see it on the big screen.
Thanks Daddler. Must say I've always been fascinated by big powerfull ships/planes/cars/bikes, very keen to see this one (even if it does rip the enterprise a new hole or 100).
Thats what I love about movies. Movies that feature a bigger ship that poses a direct threat to the crew.

Can't wait! Two more weeks of waiting.
Sometimes more is just more. The Reliant was an even match but TWOK has just about as tense scenes as any movie.
We had the outlandishly massive more than a match ship in the last movie, so this is kind of treading that ground again.
The rationale for an outlandishly big ship:

Found that kind of funny. What's the next movie going to be, a threatening ship three times the size of the Vengeance. After two movies a pattern is starting to develop here. Lets just hope its a fun day out all the same.:jedi
By the way, I haven't forgotten about TMP, TVH, FC, Nemesis etc, just with this timeline, the reboot gave every opportunity to veer in a different direction, and do things totally new and fresh. A madman out for revenge ( what ever motivation and true identity)with a really,,really big ship won't work all the time.
People will get fed up.
My initial reaction is that it does resemble the Enterprise-E in a sense.
The Enterprise's bigger badder darker cousin,
such a shame it went to waste in the end. I don't condone Marcus' choices, but c'mon I think war with the Klingons, Cardassians, Romulans, etc. is inevitable in any timeline. It would've been great to have this little ace in the hole
This thing was an absolute beast in action. And the point where it
caught up to the Enterprise mid-warp with that terrifying buzzing sound
was truly crazy! :eek::up:
Might as well have been called the USS Bad Guy.
Need more pics of that ship. Wish they put out a model kit of it would love to have that in my house

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