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The X3 Dialogue...


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Nov 26, 2003
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Some people here hated the dialogue, some find it no worse than in the previous movies.

Here's my thoughts:

Jean at the lake - 'I dunno'
(should have been something like: 'Something inside me... awakening, protecting me.'

Juggernaut - 'Im the Juggernaut, bytch'
(should have been left out, silent is more menacing than camp)

Magneto -'What have I done?'
(here the delivery was wrong, making it more cheesy... needed to be perhaps - 'Dear Lord, what HAVE I done' in a more ponderous tone)

Storm -'Nothin's wrong with you' etc
(here again the delivery was wrong, too harsh I felt... and the lines could have been changed to help soften it a little)

Callisto 'An electromagnetic force'
(we don't need the science bit, just 'a force' would suffice, the audience don't need it confusing with Magneto or anything else)
Xavier 'A cocoon of telekinetic energy'
(we don't need the science bit here either, it's too clunky, just 'Somehow she must have used her powers to protect herself.')

Xavier - You of all people should know how fast the weather can change
(I don't mind this at all, others do, I think it's a nice line that brings together Storm's emotions and powers on the balcony - where the weather does change - with the threat of oncoming events)

Magneto - 'Charles always wanted to build bridges'
(Here, again, i don't mind this. Similar dialogue is used in the Planet X storyline where he wrecks bridges and alludes to Charles' dream to build a bridge between mutant and human)

Juggernaut 'I need a pee' and 'Keeps my face pretty'
(I don't mind these, they are light, but it isn't a battle situation, it's just dialogue that gives some characterisation)
there was nothing wrong with i dunno
but all the jugs lines need to go
and some other lines "you don't wanna be here"
"i love what you've done with your hair " just irritate me
X-Maniac said:
Jean at the lake - 'I dunno'
Juggernaut - 'Im the Juggernaut, bytch'
Magneto -'What have I done?'
Storm -'Nothin's wrong with you' etc
Juggernaut 'I need a pee'

Couldn't agree with these more. They were all poorly delivered and just came over as rushed and holding no emotion at all.

The Danger Room scene. - I don't know why, I just hated this scene. It was overrated IMO and for me didn't really work. It was also camp. I LOATHED Logan's "Hey Tin-Man" line. His name is Colossus! :cmad:

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