This is AWESOME!!!!

Okay it hurts the eyes if you look at it too long. But keep in mind I did it in ten minutes. I'll find a better way to mount the Camera and it will be so much better in my future endevours. Oh and this is still the ****ty $20 digicam so there's that too.


I'm gonna go buy some gum and then try again.
I didn't say it was good...:o that a hand I see in your animation, Rough? You should slow it down a bit too.
I meant plain background for me. And the Gum was to steady the camera.

Check this next one.
What is that under, dunno muppets name, for like a split second. A phone?

I love how he puts on his hat, thats funny. :up:
I tossed my remote under him to hold him up. my fingers can be sent too :(

And it's Fozzie Bear.
I wouldn't have noticed your fingers, if you didn't tell me. I can see them now.

For something done in a few mins, thats pretty cool.
Don't laugh at me. I made this a while back....:o :O


I liked it. I love the Part with Magneto's helmet.....though the Cap/Beast fight was kinda confusing.

Nice :up:
What happened was I deleted some of the cap and beast fight pics on accident. I tried to put it together the best way I could with what I had. If you notice, it just repeats itself twice in that fight....:O.

Yeah I want to start doing those stop animation things again. I got a way better camera now.
Have at er, and let this thread serve as the showcase.
Roughneck said:
This one makes me laugh. Tee Hee. Pippin.


ROFL!! That is great, oh man that seriously made me laugh. :D
This one is kinda morbid........Kinda. Not really.
Oh and I think that's actually Merry up there. Not Pippin. Sorry.

It's loading at imageshack right now.

It's taking so long.

I gotta upgrade to highspeed internet.


Oh and PWN3R, what's your avy from?
oh wow, you guys should see the movies me and my friend make
we actually are making a full length movie with action figures
the plot is mulder from the x files is going to save batman and robin from chip hazard
its the funniest thing ever, once its done we are gonna throw it up on the net
Its from Equilibrium. And wow, that iron-man one...*save as*

I'm off to bed. But expect more. These were fun. And now I want a real camera. But for now I wil stick to my $20 digicam.

But soon folks. Soon.

Perhapsone day with sound and voices and plots.
Actually I really like this. Cause I write but I can't draw for ****. So this let;s me bring life to writing. Hmmm.
I need something to keep the camera in the same position.
I need something to keep the camera in the same position.

That's why I had to go buy Gum.

Or get some fun tac, or some two sided tape. Or even one sided tape folded over. Or maybed a piece of styrofome that you can cut a little chunk out of that the camera will fit into. Anything along those lines should be fine.

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