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Sep 6, 2011
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Alrighty then, we've got one thread discussing the Shredder in all his former, and hopefully soon to be renewed, movie glory. And as we all know, where the Shredder goes, his army of punhing bags-I mean, highly trained ninja-are sure to follow, with at least one genuine threat to the turtles in there.

So, how are you hoping the Foot get portrayed this time? Should they be more high-tech terrorists, like in both animated series, or should they be more of a grim and gritty gang on steroids? Should they include multiple supporting characters or just a few dozen enemies to fight the turtles?

Personally, I'd kind of like a return to the more grim and gritty gang version, but I'd want to keep the other big dogs. Give me the Foot Elite, Karai, and Hun, and I'll be good.
I would like to see the Foot Clan portrayed like the ninjas in "Ninja Assasins." I would also like to see different ranks and positions, like traditional Foot soldiers, to high tech Foot Tech Ninjas. Also, they should have a few mutants in their ranks, and should use the Purple Dragons as street pawns like in the 03 toon. Definately have Karai and the Elite, and also feature the Foot council and the " Faceless One ", the head of the entire Foot Clan.
In my TMNT reboot, I would have it take 10 years from now (2012). Which would mean giving the Foot ninjas high tech blades, nun chucks, ninja stars, etc.

Splinter would give the Turtles old styled blades, him being against the high tech weapons saying they are dishonorable of past warriors, if you will.

Back on the Foot, I would like to see both of what was brought up. High tech terrorists that portrayed as a giant gang.

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