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Thor Dark World Score, Is Patrick Doyle coming back?

A Necessary Evil

One. Bad. Day.
Nov 15, 2010
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I remember hearing something about him coming back last August, but heard nothing since...:huh:
I hope so. His score for the first one was great.
A composer announcement is surely imminent. I'm not sure how likely Doyle is considering he has another big movie out two months later, but I'm hopeful.
I agree with you, Marvolo. I've had it on loop alot lately. :up:

Fingers crossed.
Hopefully he'll come back. The score is beautiful, each track. Really one of my favourite scores. Would be great to have him back.
I really hope he is coming back, his score for the first movie is superb, one of the best Marvel movie scores so far.
I really hope he is coming back, his score for the first movie is superb, one of the best Marvel movie scores so far.
I agree, Patrick Doyle did a great job in the first THOR! The movie is easily forgettable but damn, it has one of the best inspirational movie score ever written for a superhero movie since the first Superman :yay:

THOR - Expanded Soundtrack Suite: http://youtu.be/TBrlhnlYFDA
Really want Doyle back...the soundtrack for Thor is one of my favorites of the MCU films so far!

The Asgard reveal gives me chills still, and the music is a big part of that.

His score was fantastic, but we'll find out soon enough with the teaser.
I don't see anything pointing to Carter Burwell, where is your source?
The poster, I'm assuming. It's tiny, and very hard to see, but I can kinda make it out too.
Thats sucks. Doyle's score was perfection. Hope Burwell at least honours the themes from the first movie.
His best scores are with the Coen bros. so hopefully he does more that than his Twilight scores.
Well ... that's a little disappointing, but what can we do eh
Carter Burwell did Twilight didn't he?
Yeah, the first and last two. Though, his scores weren't anywhere near as good as Desplat or Shore's.
If Burwell's final Twilight score is any indication, it's safe to say he'll reference Doyle's main theme in Thor: The Dark World. He did incorporate Desplat and Shore's themes from their respective films into a beautiful overture he did for the main titles.

It's disappointing that Doyle won't return and continue his themes, but Burwell's an interesting replacement. Since he hasn't had an opportunity to score a movie of this genre. Glad he got the gig instead of Zimmer, Jablonsky, Djawadi , Gregson Williams, Jackman, and the like.
I agree that it's interesting to see composers score new genres. Some of the older guys tend to get stuck in the same old tracks, Zimmer perhaps being the most obvious case.

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