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Tobey and Kirsten


aka Goran
Nov 10, 2005
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Can anyone tell me if it's true that Kirsten and Tobey couldn't bear each other while they shot the movie???
I don't know, it seems likely since they split.
I hope they have cleared all their problems for shooting #3
Me too, the chemistry between them on screen depends on it.
I think Tobey and Kirsten get along just fine with each other. They are both long-time professionals and I don't think they let private affairs affect their working relationships especially where something as huge as Spider-man is concerned.

According to the following excerpt, they're also friends.

In an October 2005 article in USA weekend (here), Kirsten had the following to say about Tobey when commenting on various leading men she has worked with...

Tobey Maguire -- the "Spider-Man" movie series (2002, 2004 and 2007)
"I thought Tobey was adorable. We have incredible chemistry. We've been on a long journey, and we're friends. In fact, this [pointing to her necklace, a delicate gold leaf on a gold chain] is Tobey's girlfriend Jen Meyer's new jewelry line. I love it."

Doesn't sound like a hateful relationship now does it? Also, they seemed to be having a good time shooting together during the bloopers scenes we got to see on the SM2 DVD. I think they are friendly and that the press has made mountains from molehills out of whatever happened or didn't happen between them personally.
...oops...sorry. Nothing new to add here.....why oh why does this forum not allow one to delete their own posts?
Okay, I'm going to leave out all the rumors and just give you the facts. They dated for a year (and denied rumors of it) and broke-up in March of 2002.
well she was an ass hole to him in spider man 2 that came off well.

the chemistry was pretty phoney in spider man one. all tobey did was blankly stare at her.
Okay, I'm going to leave out all the rumors and just give you the facts. They dated for a year (and denied rumors of it) and broke-up in March of 2002.

Pap photos from July 2001. Notice the facial expressions when they're eating.

Not that I recall.

If it's true about Dunst not standing Maguire, it worked because in the movie, Mary Jane can't stand Peter.
Démon said:
Zoinks! Looks like Tobey's munching down on some Scooby Snacks. :p Serious "Shaggy" look going there.


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