Superman Returns TONS of Pics of the SR suit on display!!!

Wow, suit look darn good. Thanks for posting
Yeah I was there the other day to check it out, it was cool!! :D
i understand that the alex ross fans dont like teh size of the shield.
but come on. dont tell me that this shield is to small. come on...............
They dont like it because it doesn't go sholder to sholder to navel like his. Personally, I like this better now.
Odin's Lapdog said:
ya never know when a camel toe may come in handy in a battle situation.
SUPER-camel toe!! :D Powered by the yellow sun and all....

But seriously, those pics are pretty sweet. The colors looked real nice too :up:
Man, those colors really change a lot when exposed to different kinds of lighting. The suit looks awesome.
SolidSnakeMGS said:
LOL Wesyeed ur avatar man. LOL.

Cool pics dude.

That avatar is a riot. Somebody needs to animate it.

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