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Top DS Games


May 25, 2006
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I just picked up the new LOZ DS Bundle and got a free Over The Hedge game:whatever:

I was wondering what some of the top DS games are.
Yoshi's Island DS
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Super Mario 64 DS
Mario Kart DS
New Super Mario Bros.
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
Store Manager: "How many copies of Over The Hedge do we still have?"
Employee: "150, sir."
Store Manager: "Why do they keep sending us this crap?"
Employee: "That's still our first shipment, sir. We couldn't give this game away."
Store Manager: "That won't stop us from trying, son. That won't stop us from trying."

I just picked up the new LOZ DS Bundle and got a free Over The Hedge game:whatever:
Pokemon Diamond remided just how good Nintendo is at making simple yet addictive games.

The last Pokemon I played was red, which was over 9 years ago. Needless to say, Diamond is probably the best one yet.

Also can't go wrong with New Super Mario Bros and of course Mario Kart.

If you're looking for something a little different, Phoenix Wright, Trauma Centre and Hotel Dusk are awsome Japanese style games.

But again you owe it to yourself to rekindle some Pokemon love. For nothing else than the awsome gameplay.
just picked up New Super Mario Bros.

So far it hasnt really taken advantage of the touch screen.

Ill pick up Trauma Center or Pokemon next
I´m thinking on getting a DS too next month.
But, if i don´t, i will definetely get one later this year, when Bioware´s Sonic RPG cames out (hope it´s in 2008).
Just got my DS on Saturday :D I'm a get that list Spidey-Bat

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