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'Twas the night before Christmas...

Spending time online wit you guys..

Was supposed to be going out for drinks but did not fancy paying s**tloads for a cab back.

Tripple fare or whatever them sons of b-itches charge on X-mas eve... what the hell is good willed about that?!
online while watching TV
Y'know, I got a feeling quite a lot of the people who reply on this thread are gonna be spending time online.
I'm just Net surfing at the moment, but my family and I are leaving for a Christmas Eve church service in about an hour. After that, it'll probably be Christmas movies and meat loaf at home, and then some (hopefully peaceful) sleep until the morning. :)
Waiting for St Nick to come down the Chimney. I'm thinking about Kidnapping him this Christmas.
I'm going to give him a back massage I think.
Waiting for St Nick to come down the Chimney. I'm thinking about Kidnapping him this Christmas.

I suggest leaving cookies and milk and when he picks up the glass having it trigger a net that will capture him from above:hehe:
my family isn't around and i told my girfriend i'm not going to her aunt's party two years in a row. the family is rich and seem very distant from one another , it is uncomfortable to be there . last year the mayor was there which came across as odd to me . so home alone til 9 woo hoo.
chylling home for now but im going to the uncles in a little, basically im just sitting on my ass at his house for a few hours, than coming home to chyll with friends and SAB at the underground.

I've had an early night and am asleep in bed . . . dreaming about posting on the Hype!

If you responding to this you HAVE to have checked being online lol. I'm also watching TV. I believe that kidnapping Santa should be a option.
WOO!.. its christmas day!

Merry Christmas everyone! :woot:
I actually had an early Christmas party at my parents' house today. We're all shifting schedules between my cousins tomorrow and my sister's in-laws tonight, so my mom made brunch for everyone and we opened presents.

I got a Nintendo Wii! So we hooked it up at their house and played it most of the afternoon. I think my dad wants one now.

Tonight...probably watching It's a Wonderful Life on TV tonight, and Charlie Brown, which I watch every Christmas Eve. I usually leave my Christmas tree lights turned on all night tonight too.

Merry Christmass everyone! :woot:
Well, I just got back from the sucky Giant in my neighborhood, the liquor store was pretty sucky too. I was going to make baked french toast and couscous for my sisters brunch tomorrow. Didn't find all I needed for the french toast so it'll just be couscous. So that's what I'll be doing, cooking something new for the first time so that I can force people to eat it out of politeness.
Also, watch T.V. and surf the net.....but I'm really sleep so I'm not sure how long I'll be able to hang. :csad:
Wrapping gifts for the fam and a few...female friends. Probably see if Cartoon Network shows the Grinch again or Christmas in Pac-Land tonight.
I'm waiting to get sleepy so I can go to bed then get up tommorow and open into my stuff.
spending my time online... I'll see family tomorrow
about to play gears of war online with some mates

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