LV's christmas...with added ryhming

Lord Valumart

Hype's Dr - It's Canon
May 29, 2004
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'twas christmas eve,
i was clicking a mouse,
talking to a loved one,
who's in another house

we talked for hours,
she really is sweet,
my only regret,
is that i fell asleep

christmas morn' came,
i awoke to a clatter,
i slowly moved out of my bed
to see what was the matter

i found my slippers,
put on my dressinggown,
the one with bart simpson,
that boy's such a clown

i wobbled about,
as i streatched and yawned,
i wondered what lay ahead,
on this new day dawned

i opened the door,
to see such a sight,
my dad shouted out loud,
"oh ye pile o' ****e"

as i went down stairs,
all tired and sleepy still,
i saw my poor car,
screaming on the windowsill

i wandered inside,
ignoring the cat,
i went to the sofa,
'twas there i sat

after the breakfast,
came present time,
i opened them all,
for most were mine

dr who crap,
gloves that were gay,
and a jumper,
ex-james may

robbie the reindeer,
was a sup par epic,
voyage of the damed,
they'll live to regret it

so this was xmas,
and what have we done?
well i ate a chicken,
even gave the cat some.

so yeh...:dry:
lol you stole my idea and I guess you watched Shrek the halls
its ok .. maybe a little too long .
why do people think
we care about your christmas?
christmas FTL

a haiku by knowsbleed

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