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Aug 29, 2004
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There is one movie or 3 that i just watched again sadly of course on DVD that is so damn lame and stupid id like to see it remade into a higher blockbuster movie.

Starring Jason Statham with some awsome fighting styles and a little matrix put into the fighting. Make the new US with much better suits like in Thor movie and some parts of them exposing Cyber parts and they need to be fast, super strong, and other abilities unlike humans.
No more military soldiers but maybe a unlikely person who works a job put into the Soldier program to stop a more sinister threat who steals the formula to create the dark soldier.
Watch Universal Soldier: Regeneration. I think it's the fifth one, the most recently available one. I don't like any of the other US movies I've seen. Not even a little bit. I just can't muster any bit of caring. But Regeneration is BADASS. It's quiet, it's confident, it has ****ing great fight scenes, a great score, spot-on editing, a great control of pacing. I love it. I recommend it all the time to people I know, and there's always a twinge of disbelief that I'm recommending a Universal Soldier movie to people who know me as that-movie-freak, but I really did love this it that much.
Well I'll agree about part 2/3&The Return But I still f'n love the original and Re-Generations is awesome!

I'd be cool with a reboot of the series and yeah Statham would be great,I'd also support The Rock(as JCVD's character)and Vin Diesel(Lundgren's character)!!
When Universal Soldier: The Return came out I remember Jay Leno joking that a sequel was greenlit because there were a lot of unanswered questions. :)
ive never seen regeneration but its goota be better than the 2nd and third pieces of crap with lame acting, predictible scenes, bad lame fighting sequences and other crap which makes Batman and Robin look better sad to say that.
The original is a really good action film.

They made two sequels that literally don't count. Eventually Jean Claude came back for Universal Soldier : The Return. I remember being really disappointed. I haven't seen it since. Also it was ret-conned by Universal Soldier : Regeneration. I thought that was decent but not very interesting. I may need to give that a second chance.

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning looks awesome. They just released a trailer.
Universal Soldier: Regeneration is amazing. And this is coming from someone who used to say the same thing as you Silver Lantern about the Universal Soldiers being lame as crap. But I really liked Regeneration.
Regeneration is one of my favourite recent action films. Amazing film.

The Day of Reckoning trailer isn't even the complete, it's one of those crappy ones studios put together to sell to distributors.
Is Van Damme in DoR? And if so, do we know if he plays a bigger role than in Regeneration?

PS: And is it my idea, or is Lungdren back again for DoR? I wonder how they'll explain that, especially after his appearance in Regeneration didn't exactly make sense to me.
JC is the 'Vilain' of DoR. Not sure how Lundgren figures into it, but I assume he's another clone of the original.
Wow, they're making him a villain? Very interesting!
Well, since the film is more secretive than Prometheus, no one knows for sure, but because the film is taking place from Adkins' POV, JCVD maybe be a villain from a certain point of view.

Update from John Hyams, that trailer was cut when they thought it was going DTV, Hyams himself will recut a new one since it's going to theaters.
Oh, I see. So, I expect JC to have the same amount of screentime as in Regen. but I wouldn't mind JC and Dolph working together again, even briefly.
JC is the 'Vilain' of DoR. Not sure how Lundgren figures into it, but I assume he's another clone of the original.


That's what it looks like. I'd like to know the story behind this.
I will see regeneration hopefully its better but if its not there needs to be a movie that is really good with Statham style fighting and much better acting.
I walked out of return and went and watched another movie in the theater..i remember it like it was yesterday.
Unfortunately, I saw a VERY spoilerific still on Outlaw Vern's site. It's completely floored me and probably changed my entire perception of the film.

It depicts Andrew Scott as a 70-something year old man in a motel room with a hooker. I'm getting the feeling Lundgren never actually died in Vietnam and all the Unisol's are clones.

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