Untitled Superhero story.


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Mar 2, 2002
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Chapter 1. One of Many.

when then guns fire she flinches at the noise. she clenches her eyes shut. she shivers as she crouches holding herself. they keep shooting. some of them run out of ammo. some of them just seem to give up. with the bullets no longer sounding around her and noticing any pain she starts to think, "how could they have missed."they each think "how could i have missed." they look at each other with disbelief. confusion only giving way to anger that moves them to physically attack. one of them grasps at her but his hand cannot connect. it slips and slides away before reaching her. he punches at her and his hand slows to a stop before reaching her. he tries throwing multiple punches with the same effect. she flinches at the thought of any of them hitting her. some how she's safe. her fear gives way to confusion. she watches one of them kick at her with no success. her fear is replaced with anger and she lashes out. her blows slow and stop. she tires. she stops catching her breath. the men unharmed verbally abuse her. they have no other means of attack. she has a parting gesture for them aswell as she walks away. one of them hits a wall in anger. he breaks his hand.

to be continued.
one paragraph aint worth commenting on. wait for more. why hulk emoticon? also i aint watching you, and your sig is silly.
a new day dawns. confusion is omnipresent. hospitals around the world take no casualities today. the newspapers have no idea why. they can only ask the same questions as anyone else. "what's happened, what's changed?" a man who jumped of a building sits and sobs. he curses his choice being taken away even as he wonders what to do with his life. the mother of a child killed asks "why now, why not then?"
other parents don't even know their child would have died today if things were different. one person knows. today has been long for him and he has thought many thoughts. he seems to have all the time in the world. he steps on water that doesn't have time to displace before he has stepped of it. the particles of the air phase through his body else he would vaporises them or create shock waves that would rend the world into dust. yesterday he woke up helpless, unable to move.

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