Venom + Spider-Man comparison pics. Help please (movie/toy related)


Dec 19, 2004
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So I picked up Hasbros 6-inch Build a Figure Sandman Triology series (MUCH better than the abysmal 4 inch dinky toys that came out last year) and I noticed the Venom figure unfortunately isn't very 'movie accurate'.

I was just curious if there aren't some pictures floating around somewhere where the two characters are standing side by side. I tried to figure out the size difference (if any) by watching the movie but everything is so fast paced and Venom is dancin' around all over the place I can't tell.

Does anyone have any pictures they can post please? I find it odd that my Venom figure simply towers over in leaps and bounds compared to my Spider-Man figure...just trying to figure out if that's how he was in the movie or not.

Thanks!:lips: <----also on a completely unrelated note...what the HELL is that thing? LoL
just look at how tall peter is next to eddie in the movie
venom doesnt get any taller
the figure is inaccurate in many many ways
A couple of inaccuracies i noticed

1. Logo
2. Tongue
3. Color (he was a little more grey)
4. Ripped gums or whatever they are arent red
5. Hes too big. He should be basically just a slightly bigger spiderman figure

The head isnt so unaccurate. I actually like it
I was hoping the 6 inch line would have gotten it better....actually I was hopiong the movie version looked more like the fig.

Also the crap line of last year was 5 inch....not 4s
I know everyone disagrees but I like a smaller venom like in the movie and with not much of a tongue. To tell you the truth, the movie version is the best costume imo.
Yeah....I think if Hasbro didn't come out with the 5 inch figures at all and released the 6-inch BAF toys FIRST I wouldn't have such a bad taste in my mouth...

...however that being said, like I mentioned in my first post I got all of the Sandman BAF 6-inch figures and all of the new characters are awesome (on a side note anyone else agree the plastic used to make these figures or something? I don't know what it is they seem very light and 'knock off-y' in a certain way) and I am SO glad to have the new characters in 6-inch form to go with my previous Spider-Man movie toys.

ALSO TIP TIP TIP!!! **** :D If you guys want to make your BAF 6-inch Venom look more movie accurate (or at least a little better so he doesn't have that stupid big pink tongue hangin' out of his mouth) push DOWN on his tongue and you'll see it's attached to the bottom portion of his jaw...

...then take an X-Acto knife and carefully splice the tonuge off. Take a black sharpie marker if you wish to color the rest of the pink that you didn't cut off around where the tongue used to be then Super-Glue that bottom part of his jaw BACK into his head.

You will see that he does look muuuuuch much better...well IMhumbleO anyways ;)

Its too bad the the Venom sculpt in the larger 7-inch 360 Degree figures wasn't put in the BAF 6-inch wave. That sculpt is muuuch more accurate and looks much cooler. :(
360 was 8 inch
and post a pic of your mod you did

and if you wanna make him look even better than that, color his spider and eyes white
why would u use a black sharpie inside his mouth? his mouth isnt black on the inside.. that part sounds dumb.. maybe a deep red. but i'd love to see what he looks like without the tungue
Ive done that, its a great idea. I didnt paint it black but i did paint his gums red. Ill take a quick pic
Here we go


Hes not done yet in case you were wondering why he looked so crappy ol
hmm, i kinda like that
does look alot more like when hes yelling/hissing
Yeah it looks better when i think about that scene when he screams at harry. His teeth on my figure look so bad now that i see it, i need to paint em..........

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