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Apr 6, 2005
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Ok so from the trailer we know he was found on what looks like a crashed space ship. Could be something else but doubtful. The symbiotes are then taken to the Life Foundation.

So where did the ship come from? Random alien crash on the planet? Space Shuttle disaster? Or the long shot IFW crashed ship?

Personally I'm wondering if this will be similar to the "Not a Helicarrier" from Deadpool.
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Admittedly, folding the Life Foundation into the origin is clever. Helps keep things centered on Venom and the symbiote. Still not sure if it'll be good, but points for effort.
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone is still wondering this after the film is finished sort of like how no one knew how Hulk got to Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok.
I collected Spiderman comics throughout most of the 90's but haven't read Secret Wars #8 (1984) where he gets the black suit so I always kind of envisioned it in different ways.

Of course, he gets the suit from a machine within Doom's fortress on the Beyonder's Battleworld ( or while Peter Parker thinks of the suit Julia Carpenter is wearing.

I guess another question is if the movie will utilize a version of this machine at all aboard the crashed ship that the aliens pilots utilize to make suits for themselves...


Of course, if someone were to reference Venom's origin on the internet nowadays the first thing they will see is some strange narration relating to Deadpool which is actually a retconned origin from 2015 miniseries "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars"... (

Perhaps some random popular character could appear in a movie sequel. General Orwell Taylor utilized some of Tony Stark's stolen designs for the Jury in the comics. If he's revealed at some point to be a prominent shareholder with the Life Foundation, perhaps he can utilize a symbiote to mimic some other superhero costume such as the (now more popular) Stark designed Spiderman suit.
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While thinking about a good look for Venom, I just wanted to re-post some of my perceptions here. I think this really presents a good homage to the idea of the costume machine Spider-Man encounters on battleworld as a costume while melding with how the symbiote is later depicted in the comics as a monster that emerges from within it's host:

Pronounciation: The actress who pronounces the word may just have a bit of an accent and was simply spelling out a strange sounding word as she said it and the director just left it in thinking it gave a bit of personality texture (who knows from story angle, fanplanation could be she's from overseas coming to work for Life Foundation until realizes they're no good and need to be reported upon but can't report directly to cops under fear for her life as well as losing her work visa or something like that). If other people say this the same way then fine critique noted.

Eyes: The Eyes appear pretty much on all Symbiotes in the comics regardless of whether related to Venom or not.

Costume Sort of Look Vs. Creature Emphasis: Eddie's simply presented in the movie as wearing a symbiote instead of wearing a symbiote that mimics aspects of a costume. The larger eyes and spider-logo wouldn't make sense as said history involving Spiderman isn't there from the get-go and I get this complaint but as far as the look goes I like it so far as presented in the movie.
The mouth swallowing Tom Hardy's head as the face appears is a good effect as well to really make this feel alive and visceral. However, I see no reason Eddie can't simply be sitting back on the sofa perhaps at some point watching the news and see something that inspires him to adapt a more costumed look in the future with a perhaps leaner appearance (think Venom on a treadmill shedding some of that excess off).

The person who mentioned imagining Venom having a more tar like appearance (number of pages back on this thread) I think provides a good alternative visual that should be presented at some point. Maybe if the Symbiote is worn for a certain length of time it could start to dry out and assume this sort of texture. If you were to combine this with a more costumed look at some point, I could see Venom having an almost puppet like appearance that might come off as a bit less threatening initially but provide for an unnerving smile.
Someone e-mail Sony.:cwink:

One interesting sort of thing I kind of realized thinking on this some more is that for the most part Peter Parker seems to always have worn the black suit more or less as a costume as opposed to a symbiote that enters into his body like it does with Brock. I suppose this is due to the comic writer's not conceiving of the black suit as a symbiote type creature for quite sometime after it was originally introduced (fanplanation I suppose could try and rationalize it didn't like Peter's irradiated blood but I don't recall ever seeing this mentioned)...

With that being said I have to get this idea out of my system:
This whole thing with the symbiote being presented only as a costume for a while in the comics, makes me think this oddity from the comics is something any film featuring Venom could really try and run with. The suit assuming a more tar like texture and scaled down appearance I suppose could also coincide with Eddie not wearing the symbiote for a while. When off of him, it could attach to an article of clothing before being able to mimic it as the symbiote is then hung up in a closet as a copy of this piece of clothing while it's hibernating perhaps. Going along with this, perhaps there can be something like the costume making machine seen in Secret Wars #8 (inside Doom's fortress on Beyonder's Battleworld) but instead on the alien spaceship in the movie. This machine on the ship, could be used to store some symbiote suits for the ship's crew that are contained within the capsules (as seen on the trailer) that keep the symbiotes in a stassis like state that the ships crew could open similar to accessing an article of clothing in a closet.

The absence from having the suit on all the time would create a bit of tension in the relationship between the host and symbiote with the host essentially going through withdrawal if away for too long. In the comics it's interesting how Eddie can switch from being totally ok with killing someone to a 180 degree change in direction not wanting to all of a sudden. Past precedent doesn't seem to dictate future behavior all the time and I think sort of a who is in control the symbiote or the host question could really be played with by keeping them apart at times. Of course once the symbiote attaches to host it could assume either a costumed puppet like look (wearing it like a costume)or full on monstrous hulk like expansion (if goes back within the host's body and resides for a while).
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Hi, My first encounter with the Marvel Character Venom in my childhood in the Spiderman cartoon shows. Where Spiderman is a superhero and VEnom is a villain. Venom is a special kind of Parasites. They don't have the exact shape. So they used the human body to fulfil all their desire. Well, I don't know exactly all their desires. But according to the story I watched in my childhood. Venom is a highly advanced and intelligent Parasites. They have their own brain and powers. So no one can control their powers. In the series, even spiderman also become the victim of their attacks. But about the movie, I don't know he was a hero or Villain. If anyone knows more about him then pls share

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