Video Game Development. Your imput please.


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Jan 5, 2006
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Hello fellow gamers. I am hoping to recieve a bit of help from those of you that wish to provide some input on the subject. I am currently working on developing a game(s) idea(s)/story line(s) and was hoping to get some feed back from those of you that are kind enough to provide it.

Here is what I am looking for. If you could provide me with some insight as to what you like/dislike about games. Perhaps mention specific features or options in specific games. Or just mention a general topic that you enjoy or something that irritates you and causes you to lose intrest.

I'll give you some ideas of what I am asking you for by posting some of my like/dislikes.


I enjoy video games that have high replay values. Even after I beat it I can still go back to it and play it again and again. Graphics are always nice, but not required, of course it does help with the overall video game experience. Games that do have length to them, usually taking around 20-30 hours to beat. Constant changes, upgrades and story development. Bonus features or mini games or expandable levels or options after the game is beaten if huge :up:

Original ideas or concepts. Multi-player online as well as off. Ability to skip sequences if so desired. Ability to not follow the game in only one specific order. Free roaming, the more the better. Interactive enviorment and limited map access restriction (more playable areas), the more the better.

Games not true to the characters and what they are known for. Poor graphics. Games too short less than 10 hours or too long, requiring 50+ just to beat the game going through it straight. No online capabilities or mulit-player. Few options or limited replay value. Few accessories, upgrades or various challenges during game play. Repetative and similair objectives. Limited free roam.

I hope that helps give everyone some idea of what I am asking for. If it helps the game that I am currently developing would be an action-thriller based type game. Something similair to that of Prince of Persia or Resident Evil. Lots of free roam, with objectives that can be affected by time or location, involving puzzles and other "thinking" tasks or challenges.

I would greatly appreciate your help and input. I am pretty far along with developing the game concept/story line and other features. But I would like to improve it as much as I could with you help. I am not a game developer nor do I plan to be one, I am not a software engineer or anything of the sort. But an idea came to me for a video game that I would love to play and it has turned into one big snow ball effect. The more I work on it the more comes to me and now it has blossomed from one simple idea/concept and has worked it's way into my brain child that I would very like to develop into a game.

So far I have 3-4 video game, I don't want to call them sequels but additions to what I hope to turn into a series with a very comprehensive and extensive story mode as well as online game play. I am serious about developing this game so also any help or knowledge in that area would be greatly appreciated :up:
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So no one else feels like lending any advice eh?

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