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Nov 21, 2005
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Ok so which villains would you like to see make a cameo in future spider-man movies. Even if it isn't even a cameo something like perhaps Rhino on The Daily Bugle or something.

I think I'd like to see Rhino perhaps as a cameo at the beginning like. Spidey fighting him for a comic relief moment and get his ash whiped. But when he comes back as Symbiote Spider-Man he beats Rhino's ash.

So who would you lot like to see make a camoe? :):up:
I'd like to see Shocker take a quick beating somewhere near the beginning of the movie (perhaps the opening sequence). His character doesn't really require an in-depth discussion (he's just a guy in a suit, not alot of backstory needed). Maybe that could be a way to transition into how perception of Spider-Man has changed since SM2.

There could be some news report that mentions ol' Quilty's real name and how he was trying to rob a bank or something as he's being carted off by the authorities.

That's it for me on a quick cameo. I would like to see some of the other villains fleshed out in future sequels though.
Yeah Shocker would be fun he could just simply be robbing a bank or something and then Spidey turns up all happy after defeating Venom if Venom dies in 3 and he's like "Oh la la la la la oh it's you I will beat you up" :p
i'd like to see vultere instead of the others. but not for just 20 seconds much more than that. And i think venom too strong for the spiderman.
I hope all the villains on the list manage to get a cameo....well apart from Puma :(
i think they could put mysterio in a very brief cameo in spidey 3 doing the stunts for one of mjs plays because if this is the last one i think raimi might give a little nod to fans because he wont be worried about using them in sequals
Does everybody know they can check more than one?

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