Nov 15, 2006
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Hey everyone, im back in the SHH! Back with a brand new thing I'm doin. It's the VSERIES REVIEW. It's a review column I'm working on. I'll be reviewing each week for a while till the first season is done of SPIDER-MAN: GIFTS AND CURSES over at Monster Zero Productions, home of some great virtual series.

You can find SPIDER-MAN: GIFTS AND CURSES here @

And for those new to the virtual series phenomenon here's the wiki for it that explains it all.

And for those of you out there that's been channel flipping trying to find somethin to watch on tv. Turn off the tv, boot up the computer, and check out the Virtual Networks.

I'll be back later with my 2 part review for the first two episodes of SPIDER-MAN: GIFTS AND CURSES.
Okay ladies and gents, here's the first review for the Short #1 and ep 1x01 of SPIDER-MAN: GIFTS AND CURSES.

SHORT #1 "Hurt": This was a great way to start the series. It's an example of a great teaser. Throughout the course of "Hurt", we are introduced to each of the characters we will be seeing more of in G&C with little time. And each character comes across with a distinct personality. This gets a 10 out of 10.

Ep 1x01 "Gifts": You thought you knew everything bout Spidey's origin? Well think again. They were able to take what everyone knows and put their own spin on it.

A brand new take on Peter Parker as well. No longer is he the nerd we all thought. There's more personality in this representation of the character then I have seen in a while. Mostly because it's a brand new spin on the character that updates it very well.

I'm not tryin to knock Ultimate Spider-Man cause I love that to death. But it seems aimed at the younger kiddies in the beginning. So it didn't have the adult tone you would expect from it.

GIFTS AND CURSES updates the mythology beautifully.

We are also introduced to Mac Gargan, Norman Osborn, as well as others. But the stand out character in this first issue has to go to Mary Jane or Eddie.

No longer is Harry Osborn associated as Peter's best friend. This honor goes to Eddie Brock.

And Mary Jane doesn't come off as the damsel in distress that we have seen numerous times. Instead she's an aspiring artist.

SCORE: 10 out of 10.

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