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Was G.I.Joe the Movie actually any good?


Sep 10, 2004
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I've never seen it, but I loved TFTM, although I'm a Transformers geek to the extreme so G.I.Joe might not do it for me as well.
With G.I.Joe The Movie the fans have mixed feelings, some think it veered to much towards the sci-fish Cobra-La thingy while others preferred that Duke stayed dead to make Falcon's triumph at the end more meaningful.

Personally I liked it a lot and the movie has the best animation out of the entire series, I only felt sad at knowing that the movie was the last effort by Sunbow/Marvel as a sort of finale to the 80's G.I.Joe.

It was supposed to be released before TF The Movie but due to parents complaining over Optimus Prime's death Hasbro held it back and following the disappointing box office of TFTM had it released it on video in 1987 and later shown as part of the regular syndicated animated Joe series.

There were talks of continuing onto a third season with Cobra Commander reverting back to human and taking over Cobra from Serpentor but with toy sales declining Hasbro felt it time to pull the plug on new G.I.Joe episodes.

The G.I.Joe series by DIC that followed in 1989 borrowed some ideas from the Sunbow show but is not considered part of that universe.
I believe Xamot and Tomax were to play a larger role in Post-GI Joe the Movie plans as well before the DIC/Sunbow show eventually came into play. Atleast from what I've heard.

As far as the movie goes, well, if you didnt like the more sci fi/fantasy elements that became much more apparent in the GI Joe toon universe following the introduction of Serpentor, I sincerely doubt you will think much of the movie either. Actually, I find it similar to Transformers: The Movie in that the film's structure introduces not only new elements previous unseen in the toon, but also introduces new characters, who ultimately become central to the movie's plot.
Yeah, and Duke was supposed to die. But after Transformers they changed it.

I like it, but I don't think it's as good as Transformers.
Yes it was awesome go check it out asap.
"We all go home or nobody goes home!"

Sgt. Slaughter is the ****in' man.
Hey I loved that movie as a kid...and the opening theme is the best ever...
I just watched it on Youtube last night. Boy, I'd forgotten all about it. And actually, I don't think I ever saw it in "movie" format - just as a part of the syndicated cartoon series in replays.

But that said, hells yes, Slaughter rocks. And as great as Nash Bridges was, I mean seriously, Don Johnson should have pursued a career in voice acting. :D

And I forgot that Roadblock rhymed when he spoke. Because, clearly, if he's black he must have mad rhyming skillz.
I like G.I. Joe: The Movie more than Transformers: The Movie now. The animation was great, the action was great and I think they showed every single Joe in it. I did have a little problem with the Cobra-La stuff but Nemesis Enforcer and Pythona were the truth.
G.I.Joe: The Movie was fair. I'd give it two stars. You are better off staying to the first two miniseries. Making Cobra Commander a citizen of Cobra-La was over the top, and is the absolute nadir of the whole movie.

The intro is one of the best pieces of American animation ever.
I thought the movie was pretty good. Like others have said, the opening theme was awesome. It did introduce a lot of new characters, such as Nemesis Enforcer, Pythona, and who could ever forget Big Lob, who spoke in sports metaphors.
Meh, it wasn't as good as TF: The Movie, but I liked the movie. Granted I would've preferred it if Duke stayed dead, and they didn't ruin CC, but it wasn't bad. If you were a fan of the series, you should watch the movie.
If your a fan, watch the movie.

As a life long fan of G.I Joe, the movie (while in some parts a stretch) was as entertaining as anything Joe related. And seeing as how I've crafted my own Joeverse, it just provided me with some fodder.....and that's always a good thing!!!
I liked G.I. Joe: The Movie more than Transformers: The Movie.
The Intro is AMAZING but after that....:whatever:. There are too many joes sidelined for newer, less interesting characters and what they did with Cobra Commander was just...silly. Though I do like the Roadblock/Commander scenes in spite of that silliness lol. "I was an man onccccce. A mannnnn...":woot:
It wasn't near the same league as Transformers, but I liked it at the time and get a kick out of it still. You have to remember that the G.I Joe 'toon was sillier and more far-fetched than TF. They were thrust in unbelievable situations for the military. It's natural that the movie would reflect that.
There are some parts that real rule, and others... not so much. This movie is okay, not great, but okay.
I liked G.I. Joe: The Movie more than Transformers: The Movie.
Don't forget My Little Pony: The Movie and Care Bears: The Movie.

it seems that if you didn't put The Movie after the title it wasn't taken seriously.
Yes, it is absolutely killer sci-fi, aka Heavy Metal magazine style. Usually, the people who don't like it are the people that liked GI Joe for the military aspects.

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