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Nov 11, 2012
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What look will they go for?








As with seemingly everything else in the MCU, we'll probably see an Ultimates costume with a few bits 'n' pieces of some version of 616 --- probably the modern look.
As with seemingly everything else in the MCU, we'll probably see an Ultimates costume with a few bits 'n' pieces of some version of 616 --- probably the modern look.

Personally i would like to have a mix between Ultimate and Animated
If they want to go more classic style..i think they should go with a costume similar to this:

Classic and Animated are my favorites... maybe some combo or fusion of them with a sprinkling of "modernization"...
Probably closer to the Ultimate costume if anything. The other ones are too campy for the movies.

That said I'm pretty sure they're going to go with custom costume designs for Hank and Jan, just as they did for Hawkeye.
The only thing I hope costume-wise is that they don't trend towards classic. That look, especially the onion head cowl, looks like goofy 1950s sci-fi.
If they want to go more classic style..i think they should go with a costume similar to this:


Honestly, that looks like a suit that came straight out of a futuristic sci-fi film made in the 80's. i think they should just build on what was done with the uniform in Ultimates. If they making Pym a SHIELD agent, then Wasp suit could be a variation of that uniform.
Depends on what the purpose of the costume ends up being. It will probably end up looking like a uniform.

I think Riddle1 does a good job of making the modern costume movie quality. (Facebook.com/riddlesmessywardrobe)
But I think the movie would probably add tweaks here and there on the modern using the Ultimate version.
Like when they add tiny details for very close ups. Adding straps or buckles or seems or whatever.

I'd also imagine that the look will fallow the Ant Man look so they look like they are from the same
movie and that they both would fit into the Avengers movie universe too.
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I'm wondering if she'll even have wings. Maybe she'll have wings in the sense that The Falcon will have wings, for gliding purposes.
I prefer many of Wasp's other hundreds of costumes to the ones listed here. Although her original is the one with the pointy head, I think I prefer something like this:


Which is similar to the Marvel legends figure:


There are many other variants of this too, with yellow instead of red, although that might look too much like the X-Men first class costumes.

I do like the Animated, but generally prefer her comic costumes. I hated the one she had for Secret Wars though. One of her worst costumes ever.
I kind of like the idea of Wasp having a hood, kind of like a scuba diver suit. It would make sense, for a human doing the amount of flying she does.
Wasp without wings is like Iron Man without armour or Spider-Man without webs.

When I saw X-Men first class and they had Angel Salvatore, I wished that we could've seen Wasp on film. Of course, she'll only have them when she shrinks down (just as in the comics). I like the idea that she's a bit like a fairy, but with different types of wings.

There was one issue where Wasp no longer had unstable molecules for her costume, so she had to shrink down (where she became naked) and then had to change into a tiny costume at that size. Once she wanted to grow back, she had to strip off naked, grow back to normal size and put her normal clothes back on. I wouldn't mind them having a sequence like this where she realises she really needs unstable molecules because that's far too inconvenient each time.
I think the modern look is the best version to adapt for film, the Ultimates versions look incredibly boring to me.
Wasp has had more costumes than any other superhero I can think of. Janet used to change costumes every few issues.

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Do you have a bigger version of that pic of all the costumes?
Nope. Sorry Dark Raven

There is a website that shows every costume Janet had from the 60s to the 90s and there must of been about 60 different costumes.
I actually think that her costume will be designed to work well with Ant Man, and vise versa. So I can see her, like him, having some sort of silver-ish helmet perhaps like that Ultimate take on the classic Wasp costume with the pointy helmet. And like Ant Man I think she could end up with a mask that ends up covering her whole face in some scenes. I mean it would fit with her flying, they could work it that she needs an air supply while flying really fast, needs goggles to help her see and to cut down on the pressure on her eyes, the pint would be for aerodynamics. Plus her power, similar to Ant Man's, come from Pym Particles right? Something she, and he, breath in to make themselves small. So the masks would make sense for that too. Stuff like that. But I think she and Ant Man will have similar designs to their costumes. Not saying they will be like X-Men in matching black leather outfits, but have similar designs like War Machine to Iron Man or the Warriors Three and Loki and Odin to Thor.
I see them combining the Ultimate and the regular 616 version and maybe the classic original version as well. I may draw something up for fun.

This was my idea for the Ant Man movie costume:
^ Why is Pym wearing the Captain Marvel/ Kree jacket you designed? You seem to be giving that to everyone.

And Janet doesn't need to breath Pym particles to become small like Ant-Man. I think he mutated her slightly, so that she can shrink at will and those wings literally sprout out of her back when small. They're organic rather than mechanical, and I hope they keep it that way.
Yes, you have seen two of my designs that look slightly similar and judge all my designs by that. :whatever:Anyway.

My Antman movie design was a mix of the Ultimate Giant Man design (which I think they will use heavily like they did with Hawkeye) and the classic Ant Man costume. The "jacket" shape comes from the combination of the Ultimate padded area design and the classic Antman design going down his chest.
As for the Captain Marvel movie design you are referring to, I basically took the Ultiamte design and made it red with modifications. But the "jacket" design there came pretty much completely from the Ultimate design of Captain Mar-Vell, which I think like the Avengers cartoon they will use heavily if not completely in the movie.

As for Wasp, I think they might streamline their origins. Maybe make her powers origin source more similar to the Pym Particles. Her shrinking could be the same as Antman's shrinking, with him breathing Pym Particles and shrinking or growing. So her costume could have a mask as well. Especially if they are both super spies, hiding their face might be beneficial. I am just saying that her costume might look slightly unlike her comic costumes.
If they want to go more classic style..i think they should go with a costume similar to this:

I mean if you took this helmet of heres here, added a gas type mask and goggles (both of which could and most likely would be removed most of the time) I could see them going that direction. Then, like Thor, she looses the helmet and goggles and never gets them back. Takes them off and never puts it back on.
A combination of the Ultimate and Animated would be best in my opinion.
I think combining the modern with metallic armor wings in part with the animated ear devices with the suit skin resembling that of a wasp exo shell but a little more revieling of the breast area and synthic visor to look like wasp goggles.
The pointy helmet thing would look kind of goofy in real life. It looks like something you might see a couture fashion model wear down a runway at Paris fashion week or Grace Jones and Lady Gaga wearing.

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