WATXM North American broadcast discussion (advance spoiler-free)


Apr 2, 2003
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Hey everyone. I'm hoping that some people will be into this. Everyone let me know what they think.

I don't want to be spoiled, but reading these threads has spoiled me MUCH more than I would've wanted to. Even the Hindsight discussion, which theoretically should be a discussion about the first three episodes, has people talking all about "omgz i cant wait 4 u all 2 c epizode 13 where this happens and this person shows up and etc".

I've already been spoiled too many times that character X is going to appear in episode Y as a cameo (and let me say, if I hadn't had known, and then just saw it, it would have been the most exciting surprise of my life), or something similar.

So, what I propose for this thread, is to be a discussion thread for Wolverine and the X-Men, for fans who are watching the series as it's being broadcast in North America. That means when Canada airs episode 4, we can all start talking about episode 4, etc. We can make speculations as to what's to come, but we can't chime in somewhere and say "no this speculation is wrong because I know that this happens in episode 11". Get what I'm saying?

If people find this thread unnecessary, then I guess I'll just not come to these boards at all. But it is so much fun to discuss episodes with people and find common ground and varying opinions. But, if people start posting spoilers in this thread about episodes that have already aired in the Latin areas, ima gonna be pissed!
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Good idea Usagi. And sorry if many of the discussions have gotten too spoiler heavy.

But yeah, let's keep this for all discussion and no spoiler talk.
the thread sounds inetresting... so are there any speculations?

sorta random, but I finally saw a snippet promo for WATXM on NToons, it was for a few seconds as they streamed a reel of shows and Wolverine was showed for a sec and then a clip at the end and a brief announcement for it's premiere in '09
I really can't believe they are waiting till 2009 when every other place in the world is getting it before USA. You'd think they'd want to release them all at the same time so people don't go to torrents and watch them before they air in the States. If we've all see them before they are, won't the ratings go down? And if they are down, would they even bother making a 2nd season?
i know waiting this long is killing me!

i just want to see this show in action....on a television!
Yeah i really would'nt mind seeing this show now, the wait is really ****ing dumb.

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