WB creating live-action Akira

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Here´s the story.

Variety said:
WB takes franchise turn with 'Akira'
Studio to adapt classic anime story

Warner Bros. will turn anime artist Katsuhiro Otomo’s six-volume graphic novel masterwork “Akira” into two live action feature films, the first of which is being fast tracked for release in summer 2009.

WB, which had the “Akira” rights several years ago, only to let them lapse and then recapture them in a spirited bidding battle, is planning a twin-bill that the filmmakers have described as “Blade Runner” meets “City of God.”

Studio has closed a seven-figure rights acquisition deal with Kodansha, and has set Ruairi Robinson to direct a script by Gary Whitta (“Book of Eli”). Andrew Lazar’s Mad Chance will produce with Appian Way’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson.

Each feature will be comprised of three of the books in Otomo’s series. The drama takes place in “New Manhattan,” a metropolis that was rebuilt after being destroyed 31 years ago.

Robinson, an Irish helmer who has been Oscar-nominated for his short film and commercials work, is making his feature debut.

The project was brought in by exec veep Greg Silverman, who has supervised “300” and “Batman Begins.”

Lazar is producer on the WB comedy “Get Smart,” and he’s about to start production on the Jim Carrey-starrer “I Love You Phillip Morris” for Europacorp and Fox Searchlight.

Appian Way is producing the John Cusack-starrer “The Factory” for WB and Dark Castle.
I could care less if it gets made well or gets screwed up. The anime was probably single handedly the largest overrated piece of entertainment I've ever seen.
They had me at "New Manhattan"... yeah right *throws up*

The books are pretty amazing. I'm sure the movie will be nothing like them.
They had me at "New Manhattan"... yeah right *throws up*

The books are pretty amazing. I'm sure the movie will be nothing like them.

I'm with you. I love the movie. Not over-rated at all..and I'm ot an anime fan. It's pretty incredible to tell the truth. In fact, I don't see how a live action film can approach replicating it.
they should just re release the film in theaters. instead of making a live action film.
The look of the film will be cool.
Di Caprio is Kaneda?!!

The Hollywood Reporter story doesn't mention DiCaprio doing anything other than producing via Appian Way banner, but I have it on good authority that he is also set to star as the lead, Kaneda

Akira is one of the few mangas that I've read and thought was just amazing. the anime movie was the biggest pile of crap I ever watched though. I doupt the live movie could be any better
I loved the anime movie, i'm pretty interested to how this will turn out. :o
The question is will they water it down? i'm guessing yes.
I don't have a lot of confidence in the director.
joseph is very talented, so it has to be something there for him to join in .
Could be good....could be crap. I'm interested in seeing what they do.
Yup :cwink:

adding Leo as Kaneda (or whatever they will name him in the movie :o :woot: ) a little "old" for the part but that's high caliber actors that whe have there :yay:
The original is fine, so I don't know why they're bothering. It's not like it left that much room for improvement.
Didn't WB plan this movie years ago, and it had a gigantic budget? So it was scrapped. I don't see WB moving forward with it till Speed Racer comes out. Live action anime hasn't proved itself in this country yet as being successful.
If DiCaprio and Levitt are in it then I'll be interested.
Why are they trying to WHITE-IZE everything? LET IT STAY JAPANESE or die!
The anime version was so awesome and I know this version'll suck.
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