Welcome to the RPG Mod!!!


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Mar 5, 2003
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Master Bruce has been made the RPG Mod. Now you can give him TONS of work to do. PM him ALL the time, and bug him night and day. :batty:
Congrats, now I don't need to come in here so often :p

If you need any help sing out for us Master Bruce :)
sorry to burst your bubble but it's true :oldrazz:

Not continuing Star Wars quotes...5 yard penalty. Repeat 2nd down.
Wow. I feel all tingly and stuff. :D :dry:

First off, I'd like to thank DOG LIPS and Superhero Hype! for making this possible. I'd also like to thank the RPG'ers I've been working with for the past three years, for making this the community I most frequent. You're the best, guys, and it'll be an honor serving you. :up:
I'm not a Star Wars freak :p
Don't have one :p
I still give you no respect. Wouldn't want this to hurt our enemyship after all.
Congratulations and Celebrations, Congratulations and Celebrations.......I'll stop now.:(
Please do. Congrats MB...oh god, this is going to be odd.
I'd congratulate you if being a moderator wasn't one of the ****tiest jobs known to man.

You're not even getting paid.

congrats MB

Someone ban me, ban me right now. I'm not joking, just do it. I'm swearing in my sig and everything. I don't want to live in a world that he controls. :csad:

Master Bruce, byrd is calling me names.

Master Bruce, superferret said he didn't want to play with me anymore.

Master Bruce, Twylight said she wouldn't go out with me cause I'm smelly.

(Oh I can get used to this).

Damn you Morg!
Don't spam Electro
Yeah, those 4 posts nearly did blow up the hype after all. :(

...to the PMs!
The End Is Nigh!!!

Repent, Oh Ye Of Little Faith! Judgment Is At Hand!!!!!!!
God, I've been waiting so long for someone else to post so I wasn't spamming. :cmad:

Master Bruce sucks! He called me a Fritz!
Congrats, MB. Now get to posting a response as Superman already! :cmad:
Congrats MB. About f***ing time. Now you can do everything that we see fit! You work for us!!! Muhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now get me a sparkling water!
I'm never going to get used to seeing his name in red.

And don't you people see your just giving him more power!!!!!
All this does is make abusing MB that much more of a trendy thing to do.
Making it more trendy than it already is isn't at all possible.

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