What does Christmas mean to you ?

Merry Christmas ever one. I love Christmas it is by far my favorite holiday love decorating, watching Christmas movies all month long, eating great food, hanging with family but at the end of the day this day means to me the day my lord and savior Jesus Christ was born. Listing to some Christmas music right now and watching some basketball going over to my parents in a little bit.
It is a day about spending time with those who you care about and being happy. I like getting gifts and all, but seeing other people enjoy their gifts I got them brings me more joy than any of my own gifts I receive.
Those shortbread cookies with the strawberry jelly in the center.

I look for them all the time but never see them in the grocery store. Christmas comes: Poof! There they are.

I just had one. Ohhhhh my goodness these confections are a gift from the Heavens.

My supply is running low. I can't hold out for another year!

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