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What Is The Last Comic You've Read - Part 3

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I, Vampire- 9
Red Hood and the Outlaws- 5
Aquaman- 29
Action Comics- 855
Green Arrow- 104
Justice League of America- 1
Nightwing- 49
Swamp Thing- 70
Superman- 8 (1987)
Barracuda #1-6. A combination of Pirates of the Caribbean and Black Sails turned into a comic book. Me likey.
Wonder Woman- 1
Action Comics- 856
Aquaman- 30
Titans: Rebirth- 1
I, Vampire- 10
Green Lantern- 76
Swamp Thing- 71
Red Hood and the Outlaws- 6
Nightwing- 50
Action Comics- 591
Action Comics- 857
The Final Night Preview
The Final Night- 1
I, Vampire- 11
Swamp Thing- 72
Legion of Superheroes- 38
Green Lanterns- 1
Justice League- 2
Jonah Hex- 39
Aquaman- 31
I, Vampire- 12
Green Arrow- 110
Swamp Thing- 73
Wonder Woman- 2
The Adventures of Superman- 431
The Final Night- 2
The other day I finished up reading X Men God Loves Man Kills. Decent graphic novel.

Now im busy with Uncanny X Men 169 to 175
Battle Chasers 6
Superman- 671
Wonder Woman- 13
One Punch Man Bonus Manga: The Blizzard In Hard Times
Nightwing 80 Page Giant #1 Chapter 1
DC Comics Presents- 71
Green Lantern- 77
Wonder Woman- 3
Green Lanterns- 2
Aquaman- 16
Swamp Thing- 74
Superman- 9
Attack on Titan Anthology- Attack On Attack On
Red Hood and the Outlaws- 24
Justice League- 3
Game of Thrones 10
All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder by Frank Miller
The Dark Knight: Master Race
Demon Knights 9
X-Men 1 (1991)
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