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What songs remind you of what comics?

The Question

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Apr 17, 2005
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What songs remind you of what comics and/or what comic book chaqracters. For me:

Doctor my eyes by Jackson Brown/The Question: This song kind of questions the way we look at the world and how we put barriers around ourselves. That reminds me of The Questions constant questioning of things.

Don't stop me now by Queen/The Joker: When I listen to this song, I think "this must be what The Joker is thinking when he's on a killing spree."

Okay, your turn. And yes, I know this is very random.
Jessie's Girl reminds me of Preacher, for obvious reasons.
Most of Rob Zombie's and marilyn Manson songs reminds be of the Venom and Carnage series
Spider-man theme reminds me of comics does that count?
superman by five for fighting...that reminds me of...ooh i can't place the heroes name...
in all seriousness though rule britannia always makes me picture captain britain stood triumphant holding the british flag!

awesome peice of music is that.

also bat out of hell - Meatloaf has a ghost rider-esque feel to it too...
a song called Good-Bye Baby and Amen - by a semi local group called the Constantines reminds of the Watchmen (partially because I was re-reading it when I was really into this CD, but also because of the horns in the back and the depressing tone of it.)

search for it on whatever you have......

If anyone does care to dl it I would like to know if anyone agrees :) thanks
"One armed Scissor" by At the Drive in and "I think I can" by the Pillows always make me think about Green Lantern, tearing through battle crusiers in deep space. ANd then of course, theres "Immigrant song" by Led Zepplin which is totally The Mighty Thor kicking Ice giant @$$.
Whenever I listen to Brady's "Die without you" "He is" "All in me" "It's not worth it" and "Anybody" from her full moon album, it reminds me of the times i was reading my downloaded Uncanny x-men comics. I think i'll listen to them now. Ahh... Memories....
I was looking for this thread.

Seven Seas of Rhyne by Queen = Namor.
Hero by Chad Kroeger ft. Josey Scott reminds me of the solo superheroes.(Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc.)

Holding Out for a Hero from Footloose and Shrek 2 reminds me of the X-Men

As Long As He Needs Me from the Broadway musical Oliver! reminds me of Harley Quinn's relationship with Joker
Well, for some odd reason Head Automatica's song Graduation Day makes me think of the Titans/Young Justice Crossover, Graduation Day.

And vice-versa
Across 110th Street by Bobby Womack reminds me of Luke Cage.
Money by Pink Floyd reminds me of Post Crisis Lex Luthor
Super Bad by James Brown reminds me of Ultimate Nick Fury.
The theme song of Team America: World Police, America, F*&k yeah!. Reminds me of Captain America.
Thats funny, because that same song reminds me of USAgent.
It reminds me of him too, let's just say all patrotic superheroes.
It reminds me of all patriotic superheroes who happen to be A-holes.
**** You (An Ode To No One) by The Smashing Pumpkins

reminds me of catwoman...i don't know why.
Certainly looks like him. Never knew he was so nimble.

Assassin from Muse reminds me of Deathstroke for some reason.

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